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November 09 2008

Julie Benz cast in "Boondock Saints II". Short Variety article about a sequel to a little-seen film with a famously odd production history. Ms. Benz is listed as one of the actors new to the series.

I wonder if this is going to really happen. I've been hearing about it for a while now.
"Chris Brinker and Don Carmody are producing the sequel, which has started shooting in Toronto."

Who knows?
Clifton Collins Jr., Billy Connolly, Julie Benz, David Della Rocco, Bob Marley, Brian Mahoney and David Ferry also star.

Maybe I'm just reading this wrong, but I don't see how David Della Rocco could be back considering what happened to his character. Unless they're listing actors from the original, but then again why would Benz's name be on that list? Color me confused. Also color me happy, however, because Boondock Saints is one of my Favorite Movies Of All Time.
Another Boondock fan from way back, also watched closely the car wreck that Troy Duffy made of things. There is an incredible documentary that covers the whole mess.
Love Boondock Saints, and I love Julie Benz. Exciting news!
I thought Boondock Saints was horrible, but I agree with zeitgeist that the documentary about the making of the film (Overnight) was amazing. Troy Duffy's ego and self-deluded idiocy was a wonder to behold.
I violently disliked The Boondock Saints (and liked it even less after basically being forced to watch it three more times), but I recently saw Overnight and enjoyed that a lot. It shows how much of a total douchebag you have to be to squander every single opportunity presented to you.
Boondock Saints was ridiculously overrated, but I'll watch Julie Benz in anything.
I think there is a particular mindset involved. Saying "Boondock saints was ridiculously overrated." is like saying "Rocky Horror Picture Show was ridiculously overrated." If you don't just enjoy it, you won't enjoy it.

Tastes can vary. At least the majority of folk here approve of the greater percentage of works from Whedon/Minear. No need to agree on politics or more random things like "Boondock Saints"(which I recall enjoying). Different mindsets = different levels of entertainment. I hope it's enjoyable to the fans of the original, and brings new fans.

Cheers to Julie, and wishes of continued success.

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I've been waiting for production forever. I've heard like thousand times that it would be starting production. Benz is a great actress and Boondocks was a great film. I'm just sad Willem Dafoe won't be in it. He killed his performance.
I haven't seen Boondock Saints, but I've never been a fan of the word "overrated," for the reasons JadeHand gives. It suggests one is more concerned with what others think about a thing than what you yourself think about a thing. (Admittedly, there's also a hint of implied injustice there - that the popular artist is not just less good, but *undeserving* to boot. I'm not so into making moral judgments about artists in that way.)

I don't have the same issue with "underrated," because it at least tries to shine some light on a currently lesser-known thing which may (or may not) be deserving of attention. But the use of "overrated" implies a zero-sum game world, where if (to import a name from an earlier thread) Coldplay gets lots of attention and sells lots of records, it unfairly impacts some other artist. I just don't see it that way. People get to like what they like. I happen to like the Spice Girls (although, of course, they were never in danger of being overrated. :-)
Boondock Saints is worth watching for Willem Dafoe alone.


I can agree that the film as a whole is probably not as good as some people think it is. Entertaining nonetheless.
SoddingNancyTribe, Thank you for enjoying the under-rated. Art is worth exploring. "NO FEAR."
I believe that when we as a whole accept, what we seek, and reject what is available.......we'll find humanity where it exists.
Happiness is the road...
Each a human sunrise.
Boondock Saints falls under the heading of films I really liked in high school, but have little desire to see it since then. I enjoyed it the first couple times I watched it, but found it rapidly lost much rewatching value. I'd love to see this documentary about it. Is it on the DVD? I bought it way back when I still loved the movie, but I'm not sure I've actually ever used it.
The Boondock Saints in one of my favorite movies - that being said I don't think I really want to see the sequel.
I love Boondock Saints. Dude, that scene with the cat is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. "I can't believe that just f---ing happened!" I almost died laughing the first time I saw it. And Willem Dafoe is awesome in it.
But I'm a little worried about the sequel since it has been like a billion years since the original. I'll see it, but I don't promise to like it.

ETA: spelling :)

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"Little-seen film."

It's funny how almost everyone I've talked to who likes Boondock Saints thinks they're the only person who's ever seen it, but at one point, it was like the third most listed movie in people's Facebook profiles. ;)
Are you sure you're (snicker)...obee kabee?
I don't know how else to describe it when everyone raves about how it's their favorite movie ever and then it's not just boring as hell, it's without a point. Without characters that redeem themselves or even care to. I can see how a person who hasn't seen a lot of good movies in their day would think that it was great.. but really it wasn't. I love movies. I love all kinds of movies. Boondock Saints was terrible. There are so many similar movies that are 10 times better. Gah, just thinking about this movie is making me cringe. And thanks for pointing out that Coldplay is also overrated. I understand both though. If you don't know much about good music, if you haven't been exposed to it.. certain things are going to sound like good music, because it's the best you've heard. I don't think that excuse works for Boondock Saints, but there were many movies made before it that actually succeeded in what they were going for. Things become overrated when people give too much praise to something in an area that they know very little about. I'm going to stop now, I never meant to get way off-topic. I'll watch most of the Whedonverse actors in anything, even if it wasn't well-chosen.
The term "over-rated" is disturbing because it's a sort of kill-joy thing to say in the face of someone's enthusiasm...implying that the person you are talking to enjoys something because other people told her she should like it. Where as you, with your fabulous discerning taste have spotted its essential lameness. A put down.

That may not be what the speaker actually means, though. Sometimes, it is just an expression of disappointment- as in, "Everyone said such good things about it- I thought I'd like it but it didn't live up to my expectations."

Better to say something like that though, unless you are prepared to back up your assumption of expertise in some detail!

Personally, I'm more interested in hearing what about it you liked or disliked. That sort of thing is more likely to give me some idea if we share similar tastes, or if I missed something.

Haven't seen this movie and have no idea what it's like. A vigilante movie with Dafoe? Hmmm.

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I think a person who uses the term overrated is arrogant beyond measure. AlmostCookies gives us an excellent example of that.

"I can see how a person who hasn't seen a lot of good movies in their day would think that it was great..but really it wasn't."

The "but it wasn't" is just clutch. I also love how you know what the movie was trying to accomplish without a doubt in your tone.

I really appreciate when someone not only tells me what I should like, but also tells me anything that I do like is probably crap because I haven't watched/listened/read enough of similar material.

I think Boondock Saints is an awesome! movie. The action, comedy, story, characters, acting (especially) is brilliant. I've watched a lot of movies too. Who's the expert you? me? Ebert?

How about you hold to your opinion, and stop coming off as an arrogant (you know what) by telling other people that their opinion is wrong because you say so. Way to appeal. You've clearly overrated yourself..paaJA!
aplha5099, the documentary Overnight is not on the Boondock Saints DVD...Troy Duffy probably wants to stay as far away from it as possible. He does not come off even remotely well in it. It is available as a DVD of its own, though, and I watched it on Netflix's Instant Viewing thing.

I wouldn't watch anything he's involved with.
"I happen to like the Spice Girls (although, of course, they were never in danger of being overrated. :-)"

Oh, SNT, Spice Girls, soooo overrated! Girls Aloud is where it's at!!!

Kidding, of course. Except that I kinda do like Girls Aloud. And with that admission I may now be forced to return all of my Metallica, Slipknot and Marilyn Manson cds. ;)
To me, Boondock Saints is the best Tarantino's movie that wasn't made for him. The scene where Dafoeis like a maestro solving the killings with the orchestric music in the background is amazing.
But if IRC, this continuation is in prodution for some years, and Marley Shelton were in the cast.
Let's all work on our condescending posts. By which, I mean, of course "Stop it," as opposed to "You aren't being condescending enough, try harder,". Just a thought.
Further very minor "casting spoiler" about her what her role will actually be:
Just to clarify (as the poster of the original link). I didn't say the original film was "overrated" -- first of all, I'm pretty sure I don't use that expression, and second, I never saw it, so I'm in no position to have any kind of opinion on how it's rated by anyone. I said it was "little-seen," based on the fact that I believe it played in Los Angeles for only one week, I know more about the documentary about the filmmaker ("Overnight"), which I also haven't seen, than I do about the film itself, and the fact that what I have read about the film indicates that it wasn't widely seen. From the posts on this board, it appears I may be mistaken about that "little-seen" comment, as I seem to be in the haven't-seen-it minority; I apologize for the inaccuracy.
You aren't being condescending enough! Try harder!
Holy heck, that was funny.

Glad this thread has alerted me to the existence of this documentary, since I know the history not at all. I'd venture to guess that "little-seen" is either very true or very untrue depending on whether you were in or near an American high school or college in the last few years, and possibly whether you hang out with a lot of guys? (I say this because my guy friends showed me in college and my little brother did a Boondock Saints riff for a project in High School and I'm inappropriately generalizing my experiences--your mileage will almost certainly vary!). For the record, I really liked it.
And thanks for pointing out that Coldplay is also overrated

Mysteriously enough, that's almost the exact opposite of my point. I love "A Rush of Blood to the Head." And that would be regardless of whether the band is fabulously successful and critically reviled, or vice versa, or some other permutation.

I quite like toast's analysis of the under/over issue . . .

*runs to check out Girls Aloud* ;-)

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