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July 31 2003

Alyson Hannigan on desiring her own sitcom. "I desperately want great writing, because I'm spoiled now, and [want] a great cast."

Lisa Kudrow's Phoebe influenced Alyson's portrayal of Willow? I can see that especially in the first three seasons.

Are you being sarcastic? I'm not seeing any similarities between them.
I always thought Willow was a bit ditzy in a brainy sense until she became more confident in seasons 4 and 5. And in the comedy scenes in Buffy she is somewhat Phoebe. For instance, pretending to be a vampire in Dopplegangland.
"She sites". That place needs a sub-editor.
Willow the Series could be funny..

Okay. Shuttin' up. *smirk*
Jane Espenson wrote a lot of Alyson's best lines(I do doodle, you do doodle too) so maybe she could get onto Gilmore Girls, where Jane's writing, with a spin-off deal.
Good writing and lots of money who would want that?
Seriously though, Alyson is great in anything she does, she is one of the lucky few who have a natural appeal which shines through in any part they take.
I hope something watchable comes her way so we won't be limited to reruns and guest appearances for too long.
They could hire her for the Friends spinoff, "Joey." She could play his geeky assistant who secretly has a crush on him but he takes her for granted and doesn't realize she's really the woman of his dreams until near the end of the first season when she gets tired of waiting on him and leaves for Paris. Oh wait. Hannigan said she wanted "good" writing? Oh well, nix the Friends spinoff then. She could be hostess for "Vampire Slayer The Reality Show." M'kay shutting up.

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