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November 10 2008

Alyson Hannigan, Christina Hendricks and Summer Glau are "Wildly Underrated". Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch has selected our favorite Wiccan, Christina and Summer as three of TV's most underrated TV actresses.

It seems like an odd list to me. Some of the actresses have gotten a lot of media attention, some have good juicy parts on their shows.

I'm not sure about the criteria for being underrated on this list.
I think it might be "Has fans that will click through all 15 ad strewn pages".
Or "has fans that will provide much desired clicky traffic once the list ends up on Whedonesque".
These clicky lists need to be nuked from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

Still an interesting if blurbish read.

[ edited by EvilElecBlanket on 2008-11-10 16:09 ]
What a seriously daft list because I have never heard anybody rave about Alyson, Summer, Katee and the three from Mad Men.

(And what ads? Ah, the joy of Adblock on Firefox.)
Oh my god, I do love Kristen Bell and Allison Mack so very, very much. I guess I have a type? Sassy, smart women. I guess this is just one part of what brings me to the Jossverse. Please Joss, cast either of these beautiful blondes in something (Dollhouse?).
I always hate how when someone mentions Summer Glau they only mention Firefly and Terminator and not The 4400, for which she played the amazing Tess.
Not my favourite Wiccan... which would be Nico Minoru.

And yes, Kristen Bell in Dollhouse please.
Willow's not my favorite Wiccan, but only because my favorite is actually her girlfriend, Tara. However, Willow was my second favorite.

Speaking of the topic, where is Amber Benson on that list? And Emma Caulfield? They're both excellent actresses who are very underrated.
None of the actresses listed are underrated. An actress to be considered underrated IMHO would be one that is having a hard time getting any acting work.
Kristen Bell working with Joss (rather than just sharing a cameo scene) would be amazing for both of them, and of course for us.
Not sure I understand the "underrated" part of this list either, for a lot of the picks, but I gotta second Sarah Shahi from Life. You'd think that anyone co-starring with a phenomenal actor like Damian Lewis would tend to get overshadowed, but she's amazing and easily holds her own.

[ edited by omnie on 2008-11-11 00:26 ]
Yeah AH, SG and CH are really, really under rated. I dont think any of them has had any work in the last few years. (I've activated my sarcasm font if you cant see it)

Maybe fellow Whedon-alum, Felicia Day needs to be included in this sort of list.....She's an actual example of truly under rated in Hollywood.

(I'm convinced a list of the over-rated would be easier)

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