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"Given that you're a raping scumbag one tick shy of a murderer. I can't recall, do you take sugar?"
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November 10 2008

Repo Man: Anthony Stewart Head. Short Q&A from New York magazine.

"...two Meditteranean miniature pink donkeys. Although that description is a bit misleading - they're not that small."


I'm sorry, but...I'm picturing these little pink donkeys running around Tilley Farm, pestering Otto, rolling the hedgehogs around like balls and terrorizing the foster dogs. And Tony just giggling about it all.

And when was Tony's hair long enough to braid!?

ETA: If anyone's wondering what the donks look like:

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And when was Tony's hair long enough to braid!?

It never really was, as can be seen on the first picture on
this page. It was one of those things where, overall his hair was short, but he grew out just this one part and plaited it.

The look on his face when I asked him to autograph that record sleeve at a convention was priceless. I think he'd blocked out the memory of the plaits up until then.

I...words fail.

In front!??? I...shakes head I would've thought in back....

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. No wonder he blocked that from his memory. Can I, too?

Now, the look from the cover of "All Dressed Up" is pure nummyness. I wish that pic was snaggable.

And...I think this is the site that had the free download of the pilot of "Him & Us," which I downloaded & very happily watch frequently. Stupid ABC. He's just so gloriously hilarious as an "aging gay rock star." (I actually named one of my model horses Maxximum Flash - it's a gold American Saddlebred stallion w/just a bit of eyeliner [overspray from the black eyes] and this perfect "I'm gorgeous and I'm gay" look on its face.)

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