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November 10 2008

Disabled Whedon Fan forced to put her "Life" on Ebay. Some very rare items, including a Swiss Army Watch that Joss gave to BtVS crew at the Wrap Party and a number of signed items!

Ebay links are in the article link. The items are linked in the following order:

BtVS Swiss Army Wrap Party Crew Watch

BtVS Slideshow Limited Edition 12-inch The Master

Angel Time & Space Exclusive House Always Wins Lorne

(not Whedon) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (rare cover I think)

Angel Smile Time Prop Replica Vampire Puppet

Essence of Spike Statue, Limited Edition!!!

BtVS Gem of Amara Ring

Time & Space Toys Angel issue 3 Signed Exclusive Cover! Signed by Artists Franco Urro and Stephen Mooney!

Serenity Issue #1 Signed by Nathan Fillion!!

(non-Whedon) Used Flute

Feigenbaum the Bunny Plush Prop Replica from Angel

(non-Whedon) Harry Potter 1-7 Boxed Set

(non-Whedon) 100th Anniversary Teddy Roosevelt Teddy Bear with Book

BtVS Summers' Family Album with all 3 figures!

A few more links will go up soon in the blog post this article links to.

I'm sorry, but this feels like a really weird link. I feel terrible for the poor girl having to sell so many of the collectibles that she has, well... collected. I hope that somehow she is able to pay her bills, but this feels like profiting off someone else's misfortune. Would there maybe be something more suitable to the front page, such as a PayPal donation link?

I don't know, maybe I'm alone in this, but it feels disturbing to me.

ETA: I realize this was posted with the best of intentions. My comment was not meant to imply otherwise.

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If someone could set up a Paypal link on Whedonesque for Beth, that would be amazing! I know she would be extremely appreciative. The article here was just my way of helping her to get the most from what she's giving up. That's really one major collection to part with though. Thanks for your input Knuckleball.
This is a very impressive collection, many of them are one of a kind items, so I think it isn't like any old eBay sale... and I think it would be of interest to a lot of people here at Whedonesque. It must break her heart to get rid of some of these beautiful items.
This is definitely of interest to us - the swiss army watch is the coolest - and it's breaking my heart. I don't want her to lose these things.

A paypal link or somesuch wouldn't go amiss, I'm seconding. We can use all our whedonesque-fan-aggro-energy for good instead of evil.

So the Paypal link on the right is for her? I just want to be sure.
To the right where.
Is this woman an acquaintance of anybody here who knows her in real life?
I'm sorry. It's on the main page. On the right.
Hi, everyone. I just wanted to thank buffysmglover for posting this link to my blog. That was really sweet of you. I also wanted to tell you guys that you don't have to set up a donation site for me.. that just seems like so much to do for someone. I've hit a hard time in my life, and it's made worse by me being in a wheelchair and having to rely on so much help from my friends, and I'd hate to put even more people out, which is why I'm selling all my collectibles.

Also, just to be clear, the PayPal donate button on the home page is not to donate to me; it's to support Whedonesque and has been there for a while I believe. ;)
I thought you sounded familiar, Beth. You're the one who did that Angel cover concept, right? Beth's Saloon and all? Sorry for your troubles :-(

I'm gonna go check out your E-bay stuff now. Good luck with the selling.

[ edited by kazzmere on 2008-11-11 06:12 ]
I'm gonna go check it out, too...

I hope I wasn't being offensive or intrusive, Beth5507 - I was just sorry to see your troubles and that you hadda sell your stuff. I do get why you'd do that, and why you would rather not feel like you're putting folks out.

Best to you, Beth.
Yes, I'm the same Beth who did the issue 3 concept for the Angel cover. One of the signed comics I'm selling is a copy of that comic signed by Franco Urru and Stephen Mooney. I so hate to part with it, but I know that the fan who gets it will love it too.

QuoterGal, you weren't being intrusive at all. I really appreciate all the great support I've gotten since the posts went up about my blog. You guys are so great. I really appreciate everything. ;)
That's the thing about Whedonites - we help folks who need it.

Look at our role models - Mal, Buffy, Angel....Nathan, Tony, Adam, Alan...
I would find some way to dig down and scare up a few bucks for this lady. If I had the means, I would outbid everyone on all this stuff just to make sure she could get it back.
I was going to post something last night, but my connection has been troublesome away from home lately. I sent Beth an email asking if she has a PayPal that we can send to if that's what we decide; I can collect and pass along if she doesn't if that's helpful. Brew asks a good question above, does anyone know Beth In Real Life(tm)?
If you really want to help Beth, just go to any of the ebay items listed and send her a question. In the question ask her the paypal address and send her money that way. Simple.
I sent her an email directly as she is a member here. More simple.
zeitgeist- yes, way more simple. Thanks.
does anyone know Beth In Real Life(tm)?

I have talked to her over the phone numerous times and know of her troubles, but I don't physically know her offline.

@Kingofcretins you are amazing.
If anyone wants the email address for her PayPal, let me know or you can contact her via eBay of course.

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