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November 10 2008

Dollhouse scheduling woes mentioned in HijiNKS Ensue. A character asks the question that has plagued Whedon fans' minds for years.

First post!

Aha! There's our answer to life, the universe, and everything.

Grats on your first post btw, Mr. Kubelwagen! Not to worry though. I'll follow in your footsteps any day now.
Way to go on your first post!

And that's quite the enjoyable comic.
Haha, that is great.

And welcome, Mr. Kubelwagen!
Muuuuhahahahahaha! My evil plan of evil is working perfectly. Not only do I have the geeks worried, I have my finger poised over the cancel button, ready to toss their worlds into chaos, banishing them to the cheap, bland boringness of reality TV. Even if Dollhouse is a wonderful show, nobody will ever know! I've doomed it to Friday nights, where no one outside geekdom will ever find it. Finally, I'll have my revenge on a creative genius more imaginative, more inventive and positively more prolific than me, my arch nemesis Joss Whedon!

Errr, um, I meant Uncle Spaceman! It's nothing personal against Joss. Honest. He's a respectable chap, but no way is he more valuable than (insert talentless, run of the mill no-name producer here).

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I really don't see anything funny about a little boy being molested. =(
Damn those Moon-pedophiles! They ruin everything!

Must See Friday... spread the word ;)

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