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July 31 2003

The Seven Samurai - Part two of "Ring of Fire". "Please. Call me Ripper".

I'd loved to have seen this as an actual season 2 episode.

Second that. This would have been a great ep.

"..Why are you dressed like Shaft?"

"Miss me Blondie?" Yay! Kendra! I so miss her! Although when I read _this_ Kendra's dialogue it sounds like Whoopi Goldberg being serious in my head. Dunno why.
Is it me or do all the characters look completely different from the first part of the story?
Is it me or does Buffy look a lot hotter in the comic than in actual real life.
In both cases I don't think it's just you. But then physically I've always seen SMG as a walking coathanger. The artist has added something here which only really good lighting directors could do for SMG during the run of the series.
I think I know what your saying.More cleavage!
There isn't much introspection in this story, is it? It wouldn't be an exceptional regular episode, IMO. Though on TV there would be time to slow the relentless pace of the comic a bit down and omit some of its action poses. In terms of artwork "The Seven Samurai" is surprisingly grim. Just look at Angel on page 38!
It's actually probably the first comic I ever read, sadly enough. I'll allow a brief stoning

My only complaint is that Spike looked a little . . . different. Doesn't do my boy justice.
Kendra didn't sound or act like herself at ALL. But the story is fun. Can't wait til the next one. :-)

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