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November 11 2008

Seth Green scales the Sydney Opera House. Must be all that werewolf still in him.

He's a braver man than me. Yikes.
Still don't believe it. Where's the picture, Seth? Come on, post it online!
Woo! I can almost see the Opera House from my bedroom window!
Heh, nice one Seth ;). 33 feet (11 metres) is a survivable fall but it wouldn't be pleasant, that's fer sure.

This is the climber's malady BTW - every vertical surface you look at, you wonder if you could get up it (hope he wasn't pissed though cos that's when it gets really dangerous, at the very least you might pop a tendon).
Wow. Going to the Playboy Mansion as an Amish man is an amazing costume idea. Must remember that one...
I saw the photo when he was on some late night talk show a while back. Craig Ferguson maybe.
I think I saw the photo on Conan... Well, the article says he's talked about it in more than one talkshow.
Yes, he did show it on Conan. Though as I recall it, the picture didn't look like night, the way the article tells it. (Could have been 9pm and light out, I suppose.)
Yeah, I remember seeing the picture on Conan. That whole interview was just hilarious.
"That's against my religion!" He's hilarious!
I want to to see the photo!

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