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November 11 2008

Deep Discount has Firefly Blu-Ray for an amazing $43.39. Regular price is $57.85. Add promo code DVDSALE for 25% discount bringing it to $43.39..

UPDATE: The site is showing it as out of stock but you can still order it at the discounted price and it will ship as the product becomes available and you will not be charged for this item until it is shipped.

That really is a stellar price. No reason not to pick it up for those Blu-Ray owners, especially if you sell your original DVD.
I always love the Deep Discount sales. They have them every May and November. Typically they're 20%, this time it's 25! Already the prices are pretty low, take off the sale amount and... I'm going to be buying a lot of DVDs. Including the Firefly Blu-ray. (The $90 list price is just ridiculous, but for $43? Yeah, I'll buy it.)
Everything certainly is relative. $43 down from $90 is quite a discount. But you can get the Mad Men Blu-ray for $32... actually $24 is you use the coupon. (See also Chuck and others for comparable short season Blu-rays.) So we're still paying nearly twice as much for Firefly as we should be. Doesn't feel right to me, I might still Netflix instead of buy (and buy Mad Men + Chuck instead! =).
Holy cats, are these normal prices for Blue Ray discs? No wonder I haven't bought a player yet. Does it come with a manservant who loads the disc for you?
I tried to use DeepDiscount once...they had the Radio Sunnydale CD (import version) for about $11. A week later they said it wasn't in stock. What the hell, I thought...I'll wait, it's a good price. Six months later, after monthly emails saying "sorry, we expect it'll be in stock in another couple of weeks", I cancelled. FWIW
Well, there are few short-season shows I'd purchase at that price. Firefly is worth it to me. (Although not the original $90 price. Crazy.)

DeepDiscount has been slow on the shipping in the past - expect things to take 3-4 times as long as Amazon's free shipping - but their prices are good if you don't mind the wait. Especially during these sales. I always get my orders in the end, sometimes it just takes frustratingly long for them to arrive. (Even when they email me that they have "shipped")
I am aware that DeepDiscount is much slower. I don't mind. Old school service at old school prices is just fine sometimes.

Regarding CDs (which are not part of this sale), they're new to CDs. They used to just be DVDs. I think they don't actually have inventory of CDs themselves, but rather their "inventory" is a list of what a distributor they buy from claims to have. As such it takes an extra few days, and sometimes, they can't get what they believe they can get. So I only buy from them when they're much cheaper than Amazon. If they're within a buck, it is much faster to use Amazon for CDs.
Yeah, my experience buying cds from them has been the worst. Yes, I always get them, but it can take a month or more. One time I ordered a CD. Then, after getting an email it had shipped, and after the final estimated shipment date on that email had passed, I ordered another CD from them. The second CD I ordered arrived first.
Tickled pink to see "Firefly" on blu-ray. Not too crazy with the prices being listed.
'Holy cats, are these normal prices for Blue Ray discs? No wonder I haven't bought a player yet. Does it come with a manservant who loads the disc for you?'

No, but it does have literally 6x the number of pixel detail as a DVD with less compression artifacting, audio that is (usually) lossless, and, if you have the right player, various PiP and BD-Live-based features that DVD doesn't get. Believe me, it's worth the extra $$$, even after you have to get a 1080p HDTV and a pimped-out 5.1/7.1 surround sound system to get the most out of it.
No reason not to pick it up for those Blu-Ray owners, especially if you sell your original DVD.

Or if you give it someone for Christmas! Last year I bought the Buffy box set and gave my old individual season DVDs to my brother. Everyone won.
I think I'm probably going to get this for Christmas, but I can't expect someone to save $12 if they think this will take a month or so. That's a little too close to missing the holidays at all and coming after Christmas.

If you're going to get this for someone for the holidays, you should either buy this from deepdiscount and hope really, really hard it'll come soon or just buy it off Amazon, which has it for $55 I believe. If you're a Barnes and Noble card member, you can get 20% off coupons and knock down the listed price.

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