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November 11 2008

(SPOILER) "I'm happy to be with Joss Whedon" says Terminator show runner. Josh Friedman comments on the Sarah Connor Chronicles joining forces with Dollhouse on a Friday night. And a crossover as well? Well not quite... (Spoilers for last night's episode btw).

Relevant blurb:

On Terminator's Midseason Move to Fridays, Leading into Dollhouse
"I'm happy to be with Joss Whedon," said Friedman, "and now we'll see how fervent our fans are. Which is to say: Will you stay home?"

On Sarah Connor Possibly Visiting the Dollhouse
"The crossover I'd like... is for Joss to come over and write my show for a week, so I can go to Hawaii," Friedman joked.

Ha. Now I'm curious what Joss would do in an episode of T:SCC.

Edit: the word "wonder" somehow ended up at the start of the sentence and I have no idea why.

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"Will you stay home?"

My DVR is always at home ;)
"Come with me if you want to stay on the air."
The basement, the basement!
Yeah. I'm really happy. What could be better for our show than a lead in like Terminator? -.-

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Josh Friedman told a funny story once about being mistaken for Joss Whedon because of the similar sound of their names, can't remember where that's from. Anyway, he was embarrassed but also a little flattered. I think he knows it's going to take more than the core fans to keep the shows on the air, but the rah-rah pitch is sweet.

Garret Dillahunt did a great job with Cromartie, perhaps the most detestable of terminators. I enjoyed his death in a hail of bullets and shotgun shells very much.
I think it was in his blog where he ponders if Joss cursed him in some way with a leaky roof. (Or the flu. Something like that.)

Aha! Found it: I find your lack of faith disturbing.

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Still keeping my fingers crossed that Joss will surprise us all with "Dollhouse". Must keep hope.
can't remember where that's from.

Here you go.
That link has extra Joss.
There were a whole bunch of things in the same blog entry, yeah.
Clearly we did not synchronize our watches.
Wouldn't be Whedonesque if we did :).
I enjoyed his...

I would have as well, had @FoxBroadcasting on Twitter not announced it to the world right after it finished airing on the East coast, thereby spoiling the rest of us who follow them. (The rest of the episode was good, though.)
That link has extra Joss.

No one complains about getting too much Joss. ;)

BTW, I just re-read his post. Did anyone get the phone call for buying pencils?

FoxBroadcasting twitter= num nums.
Yeah what up with Fox twittering the TSCC death and spoiling it for everyone on the left coast? Lame.
They started it with SPOILER ALERT too. That's hilarious. Someone does not know how to use the internet at all.
May I suggest we hold short on opinions as of now and judge what occurrs this February?
Brilliant T:SCC episode last night with its multiple points of view -- stepping back, then moving forward again. Good writing. Strong ending. This show keeps getting better and should lead well into "Dollhouse" come February.
I haven't seen this elsewhere, but am I right that Dollhouse is going up against BSG???

I mean, yeah, I know, BSG is re-broadcast an hour later, or has been, but still... not fair to have to wait until later for either one.
Yep, I really liked the last ep of TSCC. Seriously, the last 4-5 or so have been really good. This last one was very good and with an unusual way of telling the story too. And I was not spoiled - glad to say.

I have a good feeling about this. I think...

[ edited by Garim on 2008-11-11 20:22 ]
Dollhouse will be on at 9PM. BSG is on at 10PM.
Huh. Don't all three shows ask what it means to be human/alive?
Last night's episode feels like it was written by an amateur. The multiple points of view didn't add much other than shock at Ellison's reveal, it betrayed its own rules with a second "Sarah's Story," and the actual confrontation with Chromartie was anticlimactic to the extreme.

[ edited by The Dark Shape on 2008-11-11 21:03 ]
I agree, Dark Shape. Last night's episode started out good, with Cameron crawling into bed with John, but the last act got campy. It didn't have creative enough cinematography to pull off that silly music, imo. My housemates laughed at it. I apologized for it, and forgave it. Situations like that need a guest director like Tarantino, otherwise it comes across like you said - amateur.
BSG is on at 10 pacific and eastern. Dollhouse is scheduled for 9 pacific and eastern. So not at all the same time.
Unfornately, I haven't been able to view any of TSCC second season as of yet, I'm stuck overseas. Just been reading the stories on TWoP. Still, they strike me as remarkably well done.
Really? You have an opinion on how well done a TV show is without seeing any of what you have an opinion on? Huh.
Got me b!x. Guilty. But, you do understand.
The chat last night was going ridiculously fast, but it was fun. I made the mistake of not logging in until after the show finished, so things had already started, and I got stuck with some funky screen name that I couldn't fix for some reason.

I typed in that I hadn't followed a show this religiously since DS9 (just discovered the Whedon-y goodness last year,) and the writer replied to me that he loved DS9, too. It was my geek-out moment of the day.

Need to find the transcript because I know I missed some things.

[ edited by EvilElecBlanket on 2008-11-11 21:15 ]
Glad to hear that Dollhouse and BSG won't conflict (I live in the Central Time Zone, and even after being here for nine years, I still can't wrap my brain around the TV listings). Thanks for setting me straight!
Two years here, and I don't get it either. Plus, what's up the "Mountain" part of "Central/Mountain"? I don't want to know. I like remaining confused. All I know for sure is everything is on an hour too early out here.
willbueche, it is easier to understand if you just remember that everything is on at the exact same time in the eastern and central timezones (the clocks just think it is an hour earlier in the central zone). Mountain zone gets it one hour later and then Pacific gets it 2 hours later than that.
Perhaps we will feel better with the Salient Street characters?
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
TamaraC, let it go.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
Beat me to it.
Madhatter, what?!! Seriously, dude, I rarely can understand what you are talking about. Let what go? And what the hell are Salient Street characters? What am I missing?
The characters. Please forgive me, I never make sense with these topics, do I.
What characters?

I still don't get it, so I have to agree with you that you aren't making any sense. I have no idea what Salient Street is and I still have no idea what I am supposed to "let go" since I wasn't hanging on to anything.

[ edited by TamaraC on 2008-11-11 23:29 ]
Not exactly a crossover, but Adam Busch (Warren on "Buffy" and also of the excellent band Common Rotation) is supposed to be making a guest appearance on the Nov. 24 episode of TSCC.
As a BATTLESTAR GALACTICA fan, I'm already used to being a loser who stays home on Friday nights to watch TV.

Being able to have a "Sci Fi Friday" that consists of back-to-back eps of TERMINATOR, DOLLHOUSE, and then's like some uber-nerdtastic dream come true.

(Note BSG season 4.5 starts in January and ends in March, so the overlap will only go for a month or so. But still.)
I'm with you ProgGrrl. My February and March Fridays are shaping up to be pretty awesome. :)
I didn't find the ending of the episode "amateur" or "anticlimactic." Sure, it was obvious once Cromartie spotted Ellison that it was a set-up. But that was the weakness in Cromartie's analysis - follow Ellison. The ambush itself wasn't bad tactically. At least the friendlies weren't firing up each other's lanes, as they so often do in TV and movies. There has to be dramatic license. So John's first shot was the coup de grace, or maybe the coup de mad-as-hell.
I've been programmed for years to stay home on Friday Night because of Sci-Fi Fridays with SG-1 and SG: Atlantis. But SG-1 is gone and SG:A is going away...about the time T:SCC and Dollhouse come along to fill the void. And its all topped off with a little bit of BSG. Hello salty TV goodness!

That said, we have a Republican Government on the way out that went against everything Republicans are supposed to stand for and spent way more then they took in. They'll be replaced by a Democratic Government that plans on doing more of the same. Between the stupidity that is both the Democratic and Republican parties, I don't think there'll be many folks who'll be able to AFFORD to go out on a Friday night come February, which'll mean good ratings for both T:SCC and Dollhouse.

Admittedly, that's a half-glass full view of Friday night TV. But that's just me...I like looking for the positive.
The latest T:SCC was an excellent story with some great moments, IMHO, and my Friday nights will soon be full of (im)pure (un)natural goodness.
I'm glad Sarah got a few more moments last night - the focus on her has been waning dramatically. While she may be worried about Cameron's effect on John, I wonder if she'll ever have love again herself. It was so sad to see her break down and release some of that anger and pain. Necessary, but still sad. I had a vague thought Adam Busch might be it but if not him, I hope someone comes along even if it's just a couple episodes.
T:TSCC just keeps getting better. I liked it from the beginning and now I love it so much that every ep seems too short. Friday nights are looking good to me, popcorn & my best SciFi buddy and three amazing shows. For the period of time they're on all three in a row, my head may explode.
I agree that T:TSCC is definitely getting better since a rather a weak season 2 opening. Is there any indication that this is being rewarded with an upturn in viewing figures? I'm not sure how many more episodes of T:TSCC will air before the February 13th change in schedule, but it looks like there will be at least two more episodes before Christmas. I wonder what the chances are of T:TSCC reversing its own fortunes sufficiently before February to better its chances of surviving the move to Fridays?
Is there any indication that this is being rewarded with an upturn in viewing figures?

No, it's stuck pulling in a little over 5 million viewers and a 2 in the demo and to be honest short of something like massive stunt casting I don't see that they'll turn that around.
Well, as mangydog sort of pointed out, we can all hope that the economic depression recession will boost viewer numbers, and hopefully boost American morale.

Always an uplift.


That being if Hollywood doesn't go broke and cancel TV.
T:SCC has actually kept going down in the ratings - with a 5% share of the 18-49 viewers, it's FOX's worst performing, most expensive shows. So whilst FOX is known for being trigger happy, T:SCC really is the exception that broke the rule.

Networks are suffering from the writers strike, and they're suffering hard. Additionally, with the economic downturn advertising rates are going to come down hugely over the next year, which is going to effect TV budgets. It's going to be difficult being a TV development person as you have a choice - cancel your big shows and get some money back (long running shows = expensive) and gamble on new shows like Dollhouse working, or keep investing in your existing big shows and scale back new show development. I don't know how networks are going to juggle things.
I don't know how networks are going to juggle things.

They could get some practice in with geese.
gossi, TSCC would be their worst performing show if all commercials on all shows sold for the same amount. Since that isn't true and there is WIDE variability in the prices of 30 second spots, TSCC is actually better off than you would think. It adds another dimension to the picture and I think it is the reason why TSCC got picked up for a full year.

I think you can find the price for an average 30 second by show in Ad Age magazine. It is pretty interesting.
That, I did not know. Why would somebody pay more to place an ad during TSCC in particular, given it's low ratings?
Is it low across all demographics ? Pure speculation but I could see it being fairly male skewed for instance or maybe techie skewed so certain products might actually sell better than on a higher-rated show.
I bet they could pay me significantly less to have me recite a 30 second ad out loud when I'm getting my coffee.
It isn't that low on the male 18-34 demo, Fox's sweet spot.
Man, I hope I'm wrong about the cancellation of TV. Talk about world-wide panic. (I joke, but with a serious look on my face.)

Since the other thread looks like it died... I was curious on the status on the fans-taking-back-Fridays-into-their-own-hands-thing?

Did we get a name? Is there a place to pitch catch-phrases for Fridays?
korkster since nothing is official, wouldn't the catch phrase end up being whatever caught on?
Equally the cost of an ad doesn't tell the whole story either as the ads usually come with some 'minimum' level of audience (often in a specific demo) and if the show fails to meet those minimums the network ends up having to give free time to the advertisers to make up the difference. I've no idea what the minimums for T:SCC are and whether it's meeting them or not.
Make goods are still cheaper than canceling a show and renegotiating new ad rates if the price you are getting is relatively high. I'm sure Fox worked out the numbers.
Oh I've no doubt FOX have run the numbers and know exactly what the show needs to do on Friday to make it worth their while airing it.
I wonder whether if it doesn't get the requisite number of viewers, they might be able to reduce its budget rather than cancel it? Wouldn't be the perfect situation but it could work. Angel had its budget cut for season 5 and that turned out to be what many people consider the best season

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