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November 11 2008

A clip from the Firefly Blu-ray reunion featurette. Joss, Nathan, Ron and Alan talk about monster cows. It doesn't get much better than this (Quicktime required).

Hehehe, I like the mutation ideas. "... They could be bad horses. Nah, I would never do that!" So, Bad Horse is mutated? ;)

Edited typo.

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How in the world did you even find this.
Wasn't it on Twitter? (I didn't click on it there, so I really don't know.)
Twitter where? I know that Persephone Travel linked to the other one. This is the first place I've seen this one.
Hee! That was an awesome clip, great way to start my day at work.
Now there's a cool dinner party guest list right there! Thanks for posting!
That is just awesomeness with a big awesome bow on top.
At long last closure.

As much as I'd love to see more Firefly, I'm kinda pleased the mutant cows episode never happened ... !
I love that Joss draws the line at bad horses. 'Cause that would be going TOO FAR!
"If you go through a wormhole, all your dogs get beards." That's the funniest thing I've heard in, oh, minutes!
Monster cows :D!
How in the world did you even find this.

One of the marketing peeps sent it our way.
I like the monster cows! I want to see Mal reacting to monster cows!
And why is their table floating in space?
Oh, it's fun to see them talking together! Thanks to the marketing peeps and Simon!
Awesome! Thank you! I am Blu-ray-less, so this is probably the most I'll see of the new stuff for a good, long while. :/

Thank you, thank you!
napua said:
Apocalypse Cow!

*giggle snort*
Ah, thank you so much. This was rightfully needed after some of the other headlines.

"... They could be bad horses. Nah, I would never do that!"

I also love how Nathan is the only one who chuckles at this. :)

And I want to argue for monster cows. Sure, it's sounds a little crazy out here in the space of the floating table, but hearing it and seeing it are SO different. Joss could make it work, and then we'd love the cows.

Remember trying to describe some of the things that happened in Joss' worlds to your friends? Here are some of my craziest favorites:
1) Conner (human of vampires? but vampires don't reproduce? doesn't he look old for a baby?)
2) Angel's curse (so he's only happy when he's evil? isn't he a little old for a cheerleader?)
3) River (& Buffy for that matter)
4) Dual cultures of American & Mandarin co-existing (and yet Mandarin curses dominated over the all-time honored f-word)
5) Darla (wasn't she dead? vampires can't have babies! she's good now that she's really dead?)
6) the First (honestly, I am still fuzzy on what its main objective was, and its fascination with vampires with souls)
7) Cordelia (teen queen turned struggling actor with no skills turned receiving messages from the PTB turned successful manager of a failing business turned half-demon with unknown glowy-healing-flying powers turned being in love with a vampire turned higher being aka PTB turned carrier of PTB with no memory of self turned "evil" turned mother of PTB turned coma turned accomplished whole self aka Cordy we love who dies moments later)

Again, without visual aides (like a chart of something) it's hard to imaging Whedon's world. But it works. For me, at least. :)
"That Cow has tasted human flesh, it's a man-eater !"

Ah, those guys, bringing the funny. Man alive though, that has to be the dullest decorated restaurant EVAR ! Are they actually eating in space ? Is it a sp-extra ? Cos if so, why is there sound ? And apparently very little fluid boiling off eyeballs and/or tongues ?

Joss' idea is pretty interesting for a few reasons I reckon, one of them being that that's quite an overtly sci-fi idea, more overtly sci-fi than we really saw in the 'Firefly' eps that made it to screen IMO (unlike e.g. 'Trash' which had a lot of sci-fi trappings - floating islands, laser guns etc. - but was, underneath it all, actually quite a traditional heist story, 'Monster Cows from Beyond Space !!' has horror trappings but is, underneath it all, a sci-fi story).
I can't wait to see the whole thing. Apocalypse Cow popped into my head too.
A retelling of Jurassic Park, but with cows. Sounds awesome.

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