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November 12 2008

Buffy Season 8 'Wolves at the Gate' tpb out this week. This is the third collection of Buffy's post-Chosen adventures. And it features Drew Goddard's four issue arc and Joss' stand-alone 'A Beautiful Sunset' story.

Note that the Dark Horse website says it'll be out on 19th but Previews (which is far more reliable) has it down for this week.

Yes, I was thinking I would need to run over to my comic book store today, but because yesterday was Veteran's day (with no mail delivery) I think that means that the comics won't come out until tomorrow (I feel like I've been waiting for this comic for months!).
Holidays usually do push the books back a day, but comics shipped today in the US for some reason. The book is out, and it's beautiful!
Wonderfull, going to pick this up tommorow (hope it will be in store by then). Very curious how the story continues after the 2nd book.

(I feel like I've been waiting for this comic for months!).

I literaly have been waiting for this for months, have you already read the singles or are you up for a whole book of new Buffy too, embers?

Anyway, looking forward to it.
Oh woe is me! It isn't fair! Patxshand is right that the Post office didn't delay delivery, but BtVS S8 #19 isn't released! I have reread the title of this thread now and I can see that it was never about Buffy #19 at all, I just got my hopes up! *sigh* I got my Dresden comic (new series based on Storm Front) today, but I have to wait until NEXT week to get Buffy (so Dark Horse's date is correct according to my local comic store owner in that regard.

the Groosalugg: I'm reading issue by issue, which satisfies my impatience but the not the completist in me (it is fun to read a whole trade paperback so you get the whole story arc all together). So do pick up and enjoy the tpb, I know you'll love it!
Didn't Allie confirm that Buffy #19 ships on the 26th last week? I thought I saw that... and it's also what my comic dude said.
So am I the only one here who prefers the trade paperbacks? I actually can't say I'm too surprised, I've been also been very tempted to just buy the single issues. But tommorow finally my patience will be rewarded!

So do pick up and enjoy the tpb, I know you'll love it!

Thanks, I don't doubt I will.
So am I the only one here who prefers the trade paperbacks?

No, you are not alone, Groosalugg. I've been waiting patiently (and not reading any Buffy comic spoilers) but might wait another day or two before I head to the comic store. My comic dudette has my name and number and should call me when they come in.
I too go for the TPBs... They're beautifully consistent and look so nice lined up on my bookshelf in order next to the DVD's, I like reading the whole lot together at once, and plus you get all the covers in the back, plus some extra stuff. Amazing. The After the Fall hardcovers are even better.
Did anyone else think it was a little odd that Jon Foster didn't do the cover art for this TPB, even though he did for every issue within it? I was kind of expecting it to be him. Obviously I am very happy with Jo Chen, but I was just a little surprised when I saw this cover art.
Foster was only doing the covers as Chen was previously engaged to do some other work. Chen is pretty much the cover queen!
Of course the trick to TPB's is that they only get made if enough people buy the single issues.... I usually get the issues, then buy the trades as well for the ol' bookshelf.
Same as. In fact I just picked up the TPB and read through 'A Beautiful Sunset' again.

Very interesting reading Twilight again... 'I'll not kill you now. My first gift is my last. I know that you meant well. But you have brought about disaster. And it falls to me to avert it.'

Bizarre, I wonder what his first gift was? And why does it fall to him to avert it? Maybe he feels responsible. Which possibly indicates he has some connection with the slayer line. My money is still on Harth or (new theory) one of the first watchers?
If his first gift is Buffy's life... points to Buffy's dad, haha. Oh, the feeble speculation!
I'm a "trades only" reader too and haven't got my copy of Wolves at the Gate yet but going purely off what Vortigun posted above I'd say that Twilight's first gift was simply that he didn't kill her. 'I'll not kill you now. My first gift is my last.' suggests to me that he is saying that she can expect no such mercy the next time they meet.

Just my possibly-taking-his-words-out-of-context guess, though. ;)
No, I think that is highly plausible, especially since 'death is your gift' has been such a prominent theme in previous years.

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