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November 12 2008

(SPOILER) New pics of James Marsters as Piccolo. Good quality stills from the highly anticipated Dragonball movie. In related news, reports that the movie will now be released on April 8th 2009.

I'm loving the coat!
Heh it looks like Spike is going undercover to take on the Fell Brethren again a la "Not Fade Away." :P
I hope they take some of the money they set aside for CG and make him green already, yeesh. I like Bulma's bike, though, very big and round and bulky and, well, Toriyama-ish.
He gets greener ( allegedly)
Very impressive. I am surprised that he is still recognizable and yet the prosthetics have altered his chin and cheekbones. This is a good look but I am sure it is the performance that James hands in that will really "create" the character. I'm looking forward to this.
I donít know a thing about Dragonball, but this looks like something Iíll check out. I hope itís not one of those movies where you need to know a lot of background to enjoy the show.
Judging by what I've seen and heard, you'd be better off NOT knowing the background to enjoy this movie. I'm not looking forward to this in the least... I like James Marsters and all, but he won't save this for me. Dragonball is just one of those things that Hollywood should keep their grubby mitts off of, because they obviously don't understand it nor what makes it enjoyable in the first place. I'm so pissed at what they've done to it that I can hardly keep my nerd-rage contained.
I know just enough about Dragonball to know that I'll wait for DVD. I would so love to see JM in a a movie I'd really be interested in. I'm looking forward to Moonshot but would love to see him in a quality big screen production, he really has the talent to deserve it.
I'll be there, in the theatre, because it's James. That's the only reason.

My son used to watch Dragonball. It seems to involve alien monkey-people who get superpowers when they die. And orange jumpsuits.
Stephen Chow is a producer. That's a sign that it will be entertaining, at least.
I love dragon ball and this look crappy, i'm all for reimagining things and adapting things for the big screen,as long as it respects the source material, this just looks lazy and cheap. At least we'll get to see james masters...

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