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November 12 2008

Firefly on Blu-Ray reviewed at High-Def Digest. First review up online that I've seen.

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Why are those screen caps in 4:3? Isn't Firefly in widescreen? ...Ah, "Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1", thank goodness. Bad use of illustrations.

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I havn't gotton on the whole HD bandwagon yet (even though blu-ray has won I want to wait for the price to come down) but when I do this (and hopefully a HD Angel) will be on the top of my list.

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Still, the only major downside to the reunion as it exists is the mention of other potential features that apparently werenít considered or completed for the BD edition. While I sense a double-dip in the future, Iíll keep my mouth shut for now and enjoy the pair of exclusives that did find their way onto this release.

Oh for crying out loud.
I have watched a few episodes on the disc as well as the reunion and the video is ok not amazing but better than the dvds.
Can't wait for Serenity next month never picked it up on HDDVD
Simon, no double dip. Planned things just didn't happen because of insane scheduling conflicts.
Fair enough. I wonder what else was planned.
But it's OK to double dip! If the BDBD sells well and schedules permit, bring it on! Make that Special Edition.
One of the better descriptions of what the series is about that I've read. I'm pretty sure, if I weren't already a fan, that reading that description would pique my interest (coming from a scifi fan perspective).
I agree, AnotherFireflyFan; The description of the Series itself is one of the finest I've ever read. One worth quoting, in fact, so I copied and pasted it into my document files. :)
Overall a very strong review, especially the listing of the series strenghts. Exactly the things that made the series so special to me. That's the one point I don't agree on by the way, that Firefly wasn't very special because it was cut short.

This review really makes me want to watch it again. Alas, I don't seem to have much time to watch anything these days (and there is so much good new stuff on tv), but if I find the time I might put in the old DVD sometime soon.

The extra's sound fun, might have bought this if I had a blu-ray player. I hope I'll get one soon and there will be a nice special edition with more new extras.

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Heroes a slow burn hit?
Two questions for people who have viewed these discs: Do the episodes have the opening narrations and previously segments that were hacked off the standard DVD release? Does the Blu-Ray edition feature the same Easter egg of Adam Baldwin singing "The Hero of Canton" that was on the standard DVD release?
Just picked up a Blu-Ray player so this gives me something to get for it! And I second the call for a Blu-Ray version of Angel.
This is a little off-topic but I listened to the original commentary on 'Serenity' with Joss and Nathan yesterday and Joss mentioned a futuristic western he shot at college. I'd give a toe to see that.
Two questions for people who have viewed these discs: Do the episodes have the opening narrations and previously segments that were hacked off the standard DVD release?

No. I haven't found 'The Hero of Canton' yet.

The menus are quite a bit better on the Blu-ray release, and Fox has finally included a 'Play All' feature.

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