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November 12 2008

Buffy/Angel relationship selected as one of Zap2it's top supernatural romances of TV and film. "Angel, the brooding vampire with a soul and Buffy, the vampire slayer, were opposites. So naturally they would attract one another . . ."

I'd have been happier with that one had the phrasing (and summary in general) been less cringe-worthy. Lovely picture, though.
I'd have been happier if they'd made mention of the more complex relationship between Buffy and Spike, as well as Willow and Tara.
Yeah, that list lost all credibility the moment "Twilight" got added.

Not a huge Buffy fan, but their relationship was well written and believable. Twilight is utter drivel and mind-numbing crap.
Twilight is definitely a much more "tween" romantic story - not nearly as good as Buffy and Angel I agree. And Bella is NO Buffy, though I like Edward very much. Still I'm always happy to see Buffy and Angel and B/A mentions so many years after the shows ended. And I happen to think B/A was pretty darn complex too.
Hear, hear, love4ba.
Great to see B/A make the list.

I'm surprised Lois and Clark from Smallville made this list.They've really just started playing that card in this new season.I think Lois and Clark from the comics and from Lois and Clark:The New Adventures Of Superman would make this list but the Lois and Clark from Smallville hasn't really reached that place yet.

I'm surprised they didn't go Clark and Lana.I don't have a strong feeling on it either way but that has been played up as the major relationship on Smallville for seasons 1-7
Hee, I don't think that list has a single relationship that I enjoy (of the ones that I'm familiar with, anyway). Angel/Buffy is the closest match, but even so, like Shey, I much prefer Spike/Buffy.
Mulder and Scully should be higher.
The little drop down that lets me see the list and navigate as I will to specific items on the list is something that should be mandatory for all internet lists. When I am supreme dictator of the internets, it shall be so.
Yes, wonderflonium, yes they should.
Are all these couples actually "supernatural" anyway? I mean, using the television show of the same name to offer some sort of guidelines I'd say that supernatural is more ghosts, demons and monsters than aliens and genetic mutants. Are the likes of Cyclops, Superman, Mork and The Doctor actually supernatural in nature? Paranormal, maybe, but surely not supernatural unless you take the word at it's most extreme meaning, rather than how it is more commonly used.

Even Mulder and Scully seem a little out of place. Sure, they investigate the supernatural and paranormal (except in the last movie where they, y'know, didn't) but strictly speaking they aren't actually supernatural themselves. Why not have Yvette and Karl from Most Haunted in there as well? ;)

Okay, this is probably me being a little picky about another pointless list article but just seemed to me that having a list of 22 couples was perhaps a little much when it seemed many of them didn't belong on that list in the first place.
Oh, and Duncan MacLeod and Tessa NoŽl totally belonged on the list! ;)
love4ba, I agree. It is great to see B/A and BtVS recognized after all these years, and that they can still reach number 1 on lists like this. It's cool that the media still acknowledges them.
Oh yeah Highlander I was so disappointed when Tessa was killed off. Changed the whole nature of the show, and not in a good way.
I'm always happy to see B/A recognized after all these years.
Without causing any shipper fights, B/S was incredibly powerful but didn't play up the angsty romance angle, hence the omission from that list.

I think Willow/Tara SO deserved to be featured- FAR more than any 'Hex' characters did. And it's probably silly, but how I'd love to have seen Dean Winchester/Chevy Impala featured, too!

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