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November 13 2008

(SPOILER) Finally, a non-critic review of Repo, The Genetic Opera. This is a review of Repo, The Genetic Opera from Capone who was invited to a screaning. He does write reviews for this website but is not really a critic. There is a couple of spoilers in the review but nothing critical.

I think if he writes reviews then he is a critic.
Especially if he writers reviews for a major website. Heh.
Well anyway it's the first positive review I've seen of the movie.
I think that fan reviews are non-critic, but Capone is a regular for AICN, so...
Actually, Masswyrm from AICN also had a favorable review up awhile ago. Even gave a shout-out to Dr. Horrible in the process.
I was going to post something pithy about the live organ donor scene from Monty Python's Meaning of Life, but somebody beat me to it.
Here's Massa's review:
I tend to think that if one has well thought out opinions, one is thinking "critically" and, therefore, one is a critic. A critic isn't someone who just finds fault. And, frankly, I mistrust opinions that contain absolutely nothing but praise. Fortunately, that's not this critic, who delivers a thoughtful and interesting review (his personal attacks on the other guy aside).
I think the operative phrase here would be Professional Critic.

-No pun intended.
First review I've read to mention the puppetry scene, so I'm happy! And there was an appropriate heaping of kudos on ASH, who completely blew me away with his psycho-Tom Waits impression.
Could not possibly disagree with that review more. It was a total mess on every level. Note to aspiring musical theatre creators: If you want to write a musical, you actually have to be able to write music and lyrics.
There is apparentlya missign paragraph in that review. He doesn't introduce Ms. Vega's or Tony's characters but then discusses them later.

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