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November 13 2008

Felicia Day on NewTeeVee Live stream today. Felicia is scheduled to appear at 5:15pm PST (8:15pm EST, 1:15am GMT) although the schedule is currently running about 20 minutes late. ETA: For those who missed it the first time, it can be found here.

The other talks sound interesting to anyone who works with New Media. Appearing right now is Jesse Alexander, the fired Heroes writer, on a panel about using both online and TV to reach audiences. At 1:55 Hardie Tankersley, FOX Entertainment, will be on a panel about what kinds of managed content are working for series (i.e., broadcast, cable, satellite; YouTube, iTunes, fancast; as if FOX would know!); and therre are panels about online investors and what kind of content they're looking to invest in.

Unfortunately my laptop isn't fast enough to get a smooth stream and I'm missing half the conversations. Luckily my work computer is faster and I'll be there at 8:15. Unluckily I might actually be working then.

Edited to fix GMT

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I especially love the ear-piercing sound the channel is pumping out. I've heard the future of new media, and it hurts.
I'm looking forward to Felicia's appearance later, even though it means I'll miss out on Keith Olbermann (we all have to make sacrifices. At least there are no squeaks now!
The squeak is gone, but many, many people having trouble with the feed itself.
*sighs* I've been trying to tweet Felicia about whether or not they're going to make up time during lunch but after an hour trying to get twitter to work I only just managed to post it.
I started watching this when it first started for Michael Buckley. They're having the kid that does Fred which I plan on watching. I don't like the character, but given how popular he is among tweens, I'd like to see what he has to say about attracting that audience. Looking forward to Felicia also, although it might overlap with the Office.
NewTeeVee is doing something horribly wrong with their use of Ustream. Their feed stutters constantly, and appears to in fact be one feed superimposed upon another (which, frankly, I suspect might be the source of their problem).

New TV: Just like the old TV, but smaller, with more stutter, and the occasional high-pitched whine.
For those who are going to miss shows for this, she's only scheduled for 15 minutes and I'm sure part of that time will be the host announcing her and the audience clapping and her thanking all the lil peeps. And it'll probably be late anyway.
Is there any info about this on the site?

All sorted.
Having trouble viewing it too, but it might because my laptop has about as much memory as Ollie North.
It's not your laptop. The problems with the feed are a regular subject in the channel's chat room (rather than, you know, the actual content of the event).
Also, the chat room is infested by eight year olds calling people fat and gay. Between that and the useless video, I think you can all find something better to do with your time.

Epic fail from NewTeeVee.
The chatroom is indeed puerile to the max, but the vid feed is working better, at least for me, and everyone is (finally) miked, but I'm listening while I work and am frankly bored - right now, it's like a buncha little corporate ads. Imo.

I'm gonna stop, but I may go back when Felicia's on.

It just seems to me that for a new media operation that calls itself NewTeeVee with a tagline of "Reinventing Television", there might be a few wrinkles to irony out.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-11-13 23:19 ]
It's running better now, but the chat room is full of idiots. I think I'll pass until later.
Felicia just tweeted to say that she will be sure to mention Dr. Horrible since no one has done so yet.
I wonder if we'll break NTV.

ETA: Oooo, I'm getting a great stream now but no chat. Maybe it was the chat that was breaking it?

[ edited by cabri on 2008-11-14 02:07 ]
Yay, she is just being introduced now! My timing is perfect.
Grrr. Too much lag.
nitch. nitch. nitch.
Fun little interview, cept that first guy with the audience question. There was something off about him.
Yay! Lots of Dr. Horrible-ness in that last answer. :)
The first guy needed to be yanked after his first question. Did he really expect someone to explain in detail, in public, their preferred business deal? Who in their right mind would do that?
That first guy was horrible (and not in Neal Patrick Harris way).
It looks like it takes them at least a couple of hours to get clips added to the archives, so if you want to see it again, I would check around midnight.
Maxsummers rules! (Or so I hear. I missed it. But will catch it later!)
Felicia's clip is now added to the archives, although there's no separate url that I can find - you have to mouse over. When I found it, it was the 3rd one on the first row, but there's no guarantee it'll remain there.
Such a helpful young man! ;)
Thank you for the link, cabri! Congratulations on the soon-to-be-announced sponsorship, Felicia! In conclusion, maxsummers rules, and in more than Brazil!
Thanks for the link! I was watching it at work live, but got interrupted.

Am I crazy or are her sleeves different lengths?
hehe thanks b!X and Pointy!
Was very very cool to hear my name, =]

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