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November 13 2008

Hypothetically: If You Could Ask Joss Whedon One Crafty Question. An update from the post last July trying to get an interview with Joss. (This isn't the women that kidded about being a stalker.) Seems that she might have gotten permission to do one and is looking for some fun crafty questions.

Deadline today at 5PM Pacific Time.
Reference link: post from July.

"If you could have a crochet'd doll of one of your own characters, who would it be?"
"Are Captain Hammer's sweater vests knit or crochet?"
Why does Captain Hammer have 4 sweater vests? Is he a closet nerd?
I'd love to hear his thoughts on the issues talked about in this article about the resurgence of the DIY movement within the context of the crafting community and whether the same thing could realistically be extended to the entertainment industry with more DIY projects like Dr. Horrible.

the craftster scene is one to watch. Like earlier eras' garage-band and punk and 'zine scenes, this is one of those rare, actually of-the-people crusades that start from the bottom up: a few plebeian pals horsing around in a basement and somehow, somehow, whatever they come up with catches on. That this can still happen in a processed world should give us hope. In 2003, Boston-area computer programmer Leah Kramer started based on a lifelong hobby that she hadn't realized many others shared until she started posting project ideas and pictures online. Almost entirely by word of mouth, the site quickly expanded to more than 100,000 members. Thousands more join every month. Other sites pepper the Internet, long-tailing the crafting subculture into subsubcultures: the neo-knitters, the book-cover refigurers, the sewing-machinists. And yes, this anti-industry intifada is now itself an industry, with its own superstores, TV shows, ad-laden Web sites, celebrities and books, because after all this is America. Still craftsterism is, at heart, all heart. It has to be. Originality is non-negotiable when anything is made by hand. In a consumer culture where even the so-called customized is mass-produced -- think ring tones, think M&Ms printed with your favorite photograph -- this is the revolutionary part. Human one-of-a-kindness.

So we all found out what happens if a 1000 of us try to view Dr. Horrible at once... but the question is: what will happen to Joss if we ask him a 1000 questions simultaneously?
When you bring Tara back, what size shirt does she wear and what are her favorite colors?

Interesting to think that Dr Horrible and the uptick in DIY and crafting could be part of the same social wave.
Were the sweaters hand knit? Perhaps by previous "girlfriends" who were then struck by dreaded Boyfriend Sweater Curse?

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It's amusing to me that a lot of the commenters are keeping their fingers crossed. Seems unpractical, considering.

Anyway, question:

"Joss, you often write strong women. Isn't it time to start knitting some as well?"
More Clem!

Seriously, I really enjoyed the discussions between Joyce and Spike. They were both missing a hole within themselves and trying so desperately to understand. That very thought explains much, doesn't it.
I think you might be mixing ... something. They were both missing something within themselves or they both had a hole within themselves. I don't think one would miss a hole. (Unless you used to have pierced ears and they healed up...) But I get what you mean, and yes, explains much. (That and Spike has a thing for moms.)

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"Those home made potholders kits. A wonderful way to spend time, or the devil's work"?

*got nothing*

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I knew that would happen. On track for the first two points. Terribly off for the last. Try again.
YAY! to even the possibility. So glad this got picked up here - would have broken my heart not to have heard about it, and I was at work for 12 hrs today.

Now to come up with my question...
Please make it difficult, Kika. I could use a challenge right about now:)
... but the question is: what will happen to Joss if we ask him a 1000 questions simultaneously?....

He will experience some turbulence and then..explode.
What, Joss? I don't think so. At least, I hope not. Joss exploding would be a bad sign to say in the least.

Not to mention our poor room...
No question, but I just wanted to awe at the chance of the interview. That would be so cool.
If Xander had to be one of them, which one of the Village People would he be?
That doesn't sound very crafty to me.
Drat. Now that it's too late (why do I not find these things with a 24-hour time-frame?) I'd like to ask if Joss would ever go on TV and get crafty with Martha Stewart.
David Boreanaz was a guest and it was a treat.
Also, a trifle OT, Martha has said she'd like to do a voice some time. I think she'd be a great voice. Would Joss help Martha get a voice role?
Somehow I don't think Spike and Angel arguing the finer points of crocheting v. knitting is going to be as much fun as the astronaut/caveman debate.

I'd ask Joss about the lederhosen he once said Xander would not be wearing in an upcoming episode/season of Buffy (perhaps it was the Prom) back on the original Bronze Board: "But if Xander did have to wear lederhosen, for some arcane, mystical, and amusing reason (Season 8) could they be knitted? And what color do you think, or maybe plaid?" Don't ask why that's still stuck in my head, but it obviously made an impression.

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Will we be seeing any important knitted items in Dollhouse?

ETA: Love that tag, NYPinTA. :)

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I'd ask him:

"Joss, would you like a Ham Sandwich?" And if he says yes, then I'd give him a Ham Sandwhich, because otherwise... mean!
I have three official questions for Joss, which I want laminated on a card.

1) Was the name "Jayne" derived from John Wayne, a badass Western figure who had a girl's name.

2) Did you ever play the classic nineties PC game Master of Orion 2? because it has this race of omniscient alien warrior women who look very much like Illyria (blue-ish skin, blue streaks in dark hair, tight-fitting leather body armour) and they were called the Elerians.

3) When Bad Horse "rides across the nation", what is he riding?
To keep with the 'crafy' questions-

* Jayne hat- does he have one?
* What is Joss's favorite figure of all time, in his verse and others, and if he could make/customize his own, what would it be?
* In HIMYM, Aly Hannigan's character got an Easy Bake Oven for Xmas. Does he think this was the coolest gift idea of all time, or too conforming to traditional gender roles?
* Still on Aly (and Alexis), what would/will he buy their offspring 'layette wise', and why?

Oh come on- at least I kept to the theme!
Crafty. I just got that.
"Knit one, pearl one. Discuss"

"If your house was on fire and you could only save one knitted or crocheted product, what would it be and why ?"

"You can unstitch a row but can you unstitch an entire pattern ? And what does that mean for the metaphysics of the soul ?"
"What are you knitting in your ipod?"
"Jack Black or Jack White?"
Here's my stock question for people who get interviewed a lot: "What's a question you've never been asked, but always wish you would be? And what's the answer?"
Dear Joss,

Why were the blue gloves not knitted?
River wore some nifty knitted clothes. I can't think of a question about that, though.
Can Echo find herself in a "Stich'n'Bitch"? Please? With alpacas and angora bunnies?
If knitting could be compared to scriptwriting, how deeply need you intertwine the 'A' and 'B' story threads without the whole thing unraveling?
Highlander said:

"Jack Black or Jack White?"

Always bet in the black! Even more now...
Would you call a shopper at the Yarn Barn a knit picker?
Dr Quinn Medicine Woman? Best non-Joss show yes/no?

Point of pickiness illustrating the everpresence of the knit v. crochet debate:

Most of River's handmade-look garments are crocheted. (As are Luna Lovegood's in case you care.) I think there is significance to this - wish I'd thought to include it in my questions - because while knitting is a rigid and linear form, crochet can go in any direction. I like to think of knitting as being linear and crochet as being intuitive.

Mainly I think that because I crochet and do not knit, though, so probably it's a bias thing.
Cable: Stitch or television?
She's tweeted some tidbits, but they are scattered so I'll collect them here.
Joss Whedon: Knitting versus crochet is age old rivalry, like the werewolves and vampires.
Joss Whedon: "This is no longer the time of sitting around thinking about doing something."
We talked: crochet,/knitting, sweater vests, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible, Buffy, Firefly, Jayne hat, internet media, feminism, decoupage, more.
Ok. Back to work for me. I'll shoot to have the Joss Whedon interview up within a couple of weeks. I might tease you with quotes until then.
Joss Whedon: "Well, I'm crafty in the sense that I'm duplicitous and evil."

Bu-bu-but I though it was his evil twin Rosh that was... well, evil. If Joss is evil that changes everything. Somehow. Well, maybe not.

It's too late for me to get my question in, but I'd like to take a page from ManEnoughToAdmitIt's book, ask Joss "What's a question you've never been asked, but always wish you would be?" and then ask him not to answer it, just to mix things up a little.

Well, okay, maybe that's why I never get called about these things.

(Thanks for interview tweet-gleanings, b!X.)
Or "What's the answer to a question you've never been asked, but always wish you would be?". It's high time folk started treating interviews as logic puzzles IMO, that whole answers to questions you've actually asked thing has so been done. Like Yawnsville, right ?
"What are you knitting in your ipod?"

Brasilian Chaos Man | November 14, 13:09 CET

Brasillian Chaos Man gets my vote for funniest post. :-)

As for knitting/crocheting, I got nothing. Can't even always tell the difference and can barely sew on a button, myself. Being forced to learn how to do this stuff would be my idea of hell. :)
I would have gone for the jugular (or perhaps the juggler) and asked if he is or ever has been a knitter or crocheter.

Seriously though, my parents believed in everyone being taught basic skills of life (sewing, cooking, carpentry, typing, car maintenance etc.) regardless of gender. They taught both my brother and me to knit and crochet along with all of the above when such things were considered very gender specific. I wonder whether Joss's mom would have looked at it the way my parents did, rejected them as remnants of traditional roles, or simply never thought about it because she did not know how to knit or crochet.
Crochet is fun, knitting is work. :P

@QG, I think Joss is evil in a more cuddly sense (like tig!) whereas Ross is evil in a more icky sense. ;)
Another tidbit:
Joss Whedon, on fans' crafty works: "I always want things to become plush."

cabri: @QG, I think Joss is evil in a more cuddly sense (like tig!) whereas Ross is evil in a more icky sense. ;)

Yeah, I think Rosh Swedon is just plain bad, while Joss is more like a little dickens.

My mom tried to teach me to crochet about a gazillion times, but it never took. Knitting was never gonna happen. I do sew nicely, though, due to a gruelling course of middle school home ec. I can even figure out a pattern & sizing from an existing garment if I take it apart, although I ain't ready for Project Runway or anything.

I am sortof a DIY crafty kindof of a gal - being brought up by Depression-era parents can do that to you. Nothing gets thrown out - it just gets made-over into something else until it disintegrates.
Look out everyone- sounds like Joss wants the Furries to invade his fandom!

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