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November 14 2008

Part one of 'Faith the Vampire Slayer' - a fan comic book. Written by one of the creators of and drawn by the guy behind the Angel parody film 'Vangelis'.

just a few points of contention.

why would faith move to NYC when there's a hellmouth in Cleveland?

they mention a new mentor Darius, but no mention of Robin Wood.

and another corporation to take down? very Angel. not very creative ;-)

just my thoughts, don't kill me
Looked a whole lot better before it got colored in. Blech.
Love or hate it, I'm just glad and appreciative that you took the time to check it out. Comments of any kind- pro or con- are a bonus, in my book- so thanks! :)

Also: about continuity (I've updated the blog as well)- the script that Kristy wrote was BEFORE Joss Whedon came back to the comic book- and Faith's story as well... so, it doesn't incorporate the stuff in the canon comic. Thanx.

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MikeyB, If this is after the end of Season 7, then there are enough Slayers running around that Faith could choose to go somewhere else. And why not NYC?
Robis Wood knew about Slayers, but he didn't seem into Faith to he her "mentor".
Vampire corporation? Meh.
But I agree that it looked better in black and white.
More thoughts, just as a response
.. Faith is a Boston girl, can't see her in New York City, and with Buffy off in Italy/Scotland/Japan .. wouldn't Faith be the obvious choice to lead the slayers against another Hellmouth in Cleveland.

.. Didn't say Robin would wanna be her mentor, but he definitely wanted to be her partner. Whether Faith returned the favor or not, I guess this Faith comic will reveal soon enough. I really don't see Faith with a mentor at all, but that's just me. Always saw her as a loner.

.. And wouldn't at that point, the vampires were still not known to humans. So a Vampire Corporation? Does the public not know they're vampires? And how do you a run a business only at night? Unless they have the same windows as Wolfram and Hart. At least W&H had some humans working for them to go out in the sunlight.
just offering my critiques as a point of the characters, not trying to be a lame ass. I just think the continuinity of the characters is not what I'm used to. But hell, the drawing is amazing, and I definitley give props to the creators. And there's definitely more to come, so maybe all my critiques will be answered. Just some constructive criticism
Irregardless of the why's and what for's of Faith in NYC or Cleveland, with a mentor or without...

The tone of the comic *felt* like Faith. Her voice felt spot on and you definitely drew me in from the get-go with her internal monologue, 'Ever have that deja voodoo feeling...' Great stuff. I'll be on the look-out for your updates.

As for Faith being a loner, she gives off the loner vibe but she's always looking for someone to connect to. Not having a mentor? Faith *always* has a mentor, from the Mayor to Angel to Giles in No Future For You. I'm not surprised she'd become attached to someone who could help her fight and her quest for redemption.

One thing that did throw me was the mention of Faith moving to NYC and then the first panel says New Orleans, The French Quarter. It jarred the establishment of the setting for me. My thought process: Okay, Faith is in NYC, no wait she's in New Orleans, well maybe NYC comes later...or maybe not, I'm not sure...
My brother did a short Spike meets John Constantine story at his Comicspace page. In case people want to read more Whedoney comicy stuff.

Spike Meets Constantine
Tipping my hat to your brother. Colored pencils? I can imagine the amount of time put in- great work!
By the way, several new pages are up, thanx again for checking it out! :)

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