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November 14 2008

FOXtel announces January schedule, with Dollhouse? FOX08 in Australia will start airing Dollhouse in January, according to the FOXTEL CEO in this Perth Now article. Hilarity may ensue. Though according to TV Tonight, the airdate has still not been set.

I think that's incorrect as this article says there's no airdate for it yet.

*puts BitTorrent down*
Nice tags, gossi.
For the sake of my sanity, I've tweaked the entry to show the ambiguity.
Aha. I tweaked it at the same time, but yours won.

I can't see this being true somehow, because they would risk killing the US broadcast audience. Although Drive ended up airing in Canada first and becoming BitTorrent's Hit Drive, so you never know.
I got flashbacks of Sky One airing Battlestar Galactica season one before the Americans.
And we sometimes had the Stargates first over here too. It was odd to see the Sky logo in the corner of a show i'd possibly *cough* acquired by other means.
As an Aussie, and as tempted as I am to shout "IN YOUR FACE!" right now, I'm actually holding back.
Methinks there is one slightly misinformed Foxtel PA person wandering around right now in a champagne buzz.
It'll never happen, and if it does... well confirm away, and I'll be the idiot, yelling away in the corner!
This is just a simple mistake because up until recently it was meant to air in January. No issue...
And you guys (from the UK) were the first to get the complete run of Firefly, I still have copies of the episodes from back then in my perosnal collection.
Worth saving for the Nathan or Ron intro message before the episodes, not included in the DVDs.

There were also some episodes of BSG that you guys did get before US.

But into this, nothing beat the mess that happened with Buffy Season 6, back in 2002 when people could get the early feeds, and someone switched "Entropy" and "Seeing Red".
Didn't Brazil get the first complete run of The Inside?
Hah. The wildfeed for Seeing Red was sent out early?

Simon - I think you're correct. Then the UK got it.
Yeah we do OK with the cancelled stuff, IIRC 'Wonderfalls' ran in its entirety fairly early over here too. And Sci-Fi UK, bless 'em, was where I first saw 'Firefly', in the correct order to boot.
Yes we did get the complete run of The Inside (wished I taped them), but wasn't that well promoted or even planned. Fox showed all the episodes, then hid the show in saturday afternnons. Well, not only Brazil, but most Latin America, since we`re under the same Fox Latin America management, when it concerns the News Corp owned networks.

Yeah, the wildfeed for Seeing Red was sent when they were supposed to send Entropy. I remember the uproar in the fandom, for that being such a big turning point episode in the season.

Update: I love online archives. The wildfeed mess up was even more ironic for us in South America, because Fox was still showing the first half of the season, and was about a week after they showed the edited down version of OMWF, and local fans were pretty upset that they were not able to watch the complete version.

And this was at a time when Kristin dos Santos was still Wanda, and all before the bittorent era, and more tech-savvy people were getting things through MiRC channels.

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2008-11-14 13:03 ]
Wow, I had no idea about that mess up.
And Sci-Fi UK, bless 'em, was where I first saw 'Firefly', in the correct order to boot.

Well, correct order, until Joss changed it for the DVDs.
I mean they were in the DVD order (i.e. 'Serenity Pt 1 and 2' first), as opposed to the order they were shown on US TV.

ETA: Unless you mean the episodes after the pilot, which Joss may well have changed for the DVD (to some extent).

[ edited by Saje on 2008-11-14 12:57 ]
I didn't know about the Seeing Red thing either. I wasn't a fan at the time, frankly I'm really sorry I missed that uproar. It must have been quite entertaining... and gut-wrenching, too. I love Tara's character, but unfortunately I knew she was going to bite it when I first watched the show on DVD. I didn't know the details, but it still saved my guts from too much wrenching. Yet, I think I would have preferred to experience the full brunt of it. Masochistic, I know.
Yes, Saje, I mean the orders for Trash, The Message and Heart of Gold.
And that BBC site still says Not avaliable in your area to the Doctor Who videos.

Since there was a mention to this strange country in South America... Buffy is the 5th audience of her station here.
Y'know, I really wouldn't be so irked at this if Americans ever got Aussie entertainment before they did. It would have been interesting to see my countrymen react to a nationwide theatrical run of something like Romper Stomper or The Quiet Earth, before it ever came out in its homeland.

And before anyone who's in the know writes me back something scathing, yes, I do know that The Quiet Earth was from New Zealand, not Australia. But it's still early in the morning here, and I was looking for two films, and those were the two that popped into my head. Just wanted to reassure anyone who cares that I do understand the difference between an Aussie and a Kiwi.

[ETA: Said difference being, as far as I know, that only one of them might be getting Dollhouse before us. Ha! Just kidding, guys.]

[ETA Part Deux: Just remembered that I could have listed either Mad Max or Gallipoli and not had to include either of these long digressions, or the entire second paragraph. Meh. It is what it is, it do what it do. Waffle time.]

[ edited by BAFfler on 2008-11-14 14:37 ]
Even though Mel Gibson isn't Australian and 'Gallipoli', though a good film, is deeply (often inaccurately) anti-British.

Fact is, it's hard not to offend somebody if they've a mind to it ;).
Hello to all my new bestest friends in Australia.
I for one welcome our new upside-down overlords.
I just want to say that Australia is the one place I'd love to visit. It's full of such kind and wonderful people. Wise people with computers and the knowledge of uploads. The world would be such a sadder place without you.

And Lost would make absolutely no sense ;P
I for one welcome our new upside-down overlords.

  1. Show Dollhouse early.
  2. Profit!
CowboyNeal will be here all week until he's outsourced to India.
I for one welcome our new upside-down overlords.

Hey that's right, it'll be summer there when Dollhouse starts. Season of wandering away from the computer to do outside things. I'm afraid.

ETA: Meanwhile here that is the season of cold rain, teasing bits of snow, and occasional ice storms. Boo.

[ edited by Sunfire on 2008-11-14 17:00 ]
[sniff) Wish we had those network errors here in Japan. :)
CowboyNeal will be here all week until he's outsourced to India.

Welcome to slashwhedon. Wait, that's wrong on SO MANY levels.

Also, I just wanted to clarify something - the hilarity will come from piracy. I don't have any objection to Oz getting the series first - in fact, I think it would be kinda cool.
Wish they where actually smart enough to do this intentionally, since this is pretty close to what gossi argued for earlier, a pre-release of the first episode on the internet to get the buzz going (though doing it for a whole season could be stretching it a bit, but they could rein it in once they 'discover' the mistake).

So I'm guessing the movie Australia will first be released in California ?
Little did they suspect that someone would hand Australia the keys to a shiny new them.
Must agree. Gossi, we know. Thank you.

Now, back to the hilarity [so cool, new word!).
It so very much will not happen. Fox8's schedule will change. Better Off Ted won't even be available until the spring (probably late). I think they have only filmed the pilot.

The article is simply working off old info. FBC would go ballistic if this happened. Not a chance.
They don't appear to be the only ones saying it, however. So either other news sources are making the same error, or they're actually getting the info from FOXTEL, so the old info would have to coming form them. (Although that doesn't explain the TV Tonight story saying something different and more sensible, heh.)

ETA that this is not to say I think you're wrong. I just think there seems to be some evidence that the old/wrong info came out of FOXTEL itself somehow.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-11-14 19:20 ]
I totally think the wrong info came out of FOXTEL. Left hand and right hand stuff. Very normal. I mean, doesn't the online US FBC stuff still have images that say Dollhouse in January?
Keep in mind that there are still some places saying that Dollhouse is gonna be airing here in the US in January. Oops. Doh. Whoopsie. Blurgh. Fail.
At least they got it right on part of the page.
Ahh, JMaloney - my first laugh o' the day. Thanks.
Little did they suspect that someone would hand Australia the keys to a shiny new them.

You know, I've been wondering ever since I watched Doctor Horrible exactly how he was planning to make Australia 'shiny' and 'new'. It kinda worries me. My mind has an unfortunate habit of conjuring an image from a post-apocalyptpic sci-fi series of a land burned to a shiny black consistency.

Dollhouse is never gonna come here first. That's not how the world works. It's strange (though nice) to be getting House only days after the US. I'm used to waiting months and chucking a tantrum at our stupid networks... This is probably old info or some sort of screw up.

It would be nice, though...
I'm so catching some sleep. Nighty night!
If it actually isn't a mistake, I just may consider getting FOXTEL, or at least watching it on FOXTEL at a friends place. But I doubt it.
I miss wildfeeds.
Email from FOX: "No, any foreign territories will premiere DOLLHOUSE after (or day of) the US premiere."

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