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November 14 2008

The Write Environment mini-Joss-isode. A wee sample (about 5 and a half minutes) of the first interview, with Just Joss. You can order the DVD here at The Write Environment site.

Leaves ya wanting more.

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Still can't order yet. (I mean, I can, in terms of the store working. I just can't get around to it yet, heh.)

ETA that this is a pretty perfect teaser.

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I'm not so confident that Buffy the Movie became an instant hit...

But cool video - the DVD will be on my Christmas list, this year!
That guy needs his facts checked. Buffy '92 was not an "instant hit"; it tanked at the box office and was reviled by critics, plus Joss himself hated it to pieces. Also, unfortunately, Joss is still not much of a "household name." Sure, there might be some name recognition, but very few non-geek people I've met know who he is without my introducing them.
Ah, see, me, I simply tuned out the entire introduction since that wasn't what I was watching it for. Heh.
For what it's worth, Joss and I talk about the Buffy movie during the interview and he makes his feelings about how the film turned out very clear.

I'll go back up on my cross now.
And to be honest, I go past the introduction too, whenever I watch the interview.

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Joss is interesting as always, but that piano music just whisks me right back to elementary school, when the teacher would slap into the VCR something she'd taped off PBS, so she could grade papers for an hour.
I can't wait for the 2021 interview where Serenity is a box office smash.
I love Joss interviews, and I'm glad I've already ordered this, but of course my burning question is one that probably wasn't asked: when did he get his ear pierced?!
So when is someone going to do screenshots of this so we can read the books on Joss's shelves? The only really clear one is Weapons. There is a very interesting one that looks old - Dictionary/thesuarus sized . I'd like to see what that is.
I'm looking forward to seeing this - as soon as the shopping cart accepts my credit card.
And the other burning questions - does he have any tats, if so, where, and if not, why not, and if he could, what would he get and where and why?

I'm almost kinda serious, 'cause of my wittle tats (coughmid-lifecrisiscough) - I always wanna know 'bout other people's wot I like.

I didn't notice that bit about Buffy Movie: Where It All Began in the intro - but I do look forward to hearing what Joss has to add to his already spicey remarks about the fil-um.
Lioness, and anyone else who is having problems placing orders, please e-mail me at and I will see if I can find out what the problem is. It helps me so I can work all of the kinks out before we launch on Tuesday.
Can you give us a link to where we can order a copy of this interview?
I must hear more!
I added it to my link above, just to make it easier. (The link is also at the youtube Jo-shortio vid description. ;>)
Lioness, I made out Roget's Thesaurus. New, blue one right by his head. Revealing, huh?

Why does he take the dustcovers off his hardbacks when they're shelved?
There's also one that might be "Film Analysis" but I can't tell.
More! More! More! Oh yeah, there's more coming. Yay.
Yeah, "Please sir, I want some more" ;).

Why does he take the dustcovers off his hardbacks when they're shelved?

Maybe he bought it secondhand ? Or he might just prefer the look/feel of it (I find hardbacks without their jackets nicely tactile - even though i'll shelve mine with the jacket on, I take it off when i'm reading the book).

The yellow book on the same shelf as 'Weapons' is (I think) "How do They do That ?", the thinner book near Roget's is probably "Dictionary of Scientific Literacy", again, sans jacket. There's a paperback between "Weapons" and "How ..." that looks like one of the old Penguin "Dictionaries of ..." (or maybe something from the "Oxford World Classics" line). So pretty much as you'd expect from a sci-fi writer, there're reference books about words and reference books about science ;).
What is it with the americans and the brits and using shoes indoors? :)

Seems like a nice and interesting interview. I've always wanted to know more about the writing process on a tv-show.
I hate dust jackets; they're always sliding around and unfolding. Even Scotch tape is no real help; then they billow up with air. And they make the books slippery. I'm with Saje; jackets are off when reading, on when stored.

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I take off the dust jackets when reading, too, mostly because I tend to rip them if I don't, being on the graceless side.

If you are really fussy, or if you have a special dust jacket you really want to preserve, you can cover it with some acid-free transparent stuff called "Brodart"- (a brand name, there are probably others- comes on a roll), which makes them much less likely to tear, and a little less slippery.

I have some, but I can't say actually use it much- it's easier just to take the jacket off when reading.
I usedta be a Brodart junkie but now I've tapered down to about a roll a year and I like to think I've got it under control. Ya know, I can take it or leave it now, and I only use it to cover fragile bookjackets on beloved books, and maybe a little on weekends, but just with friends and then only to be social.

Most of my used books came without jackets, but on books that do have them, I read 'em without and restore 'em when shelving. Oddly, it helps keep away dust from my preciousessss. Who knew?

One cool thing about DVDs with Joss-interviews is that they don't have or require dustjackets. Another good thing is that they come with Joss-words in 'em.
I don't take dust jackets off. How else to protect them from my lousy housekeeping skills? That would just be cruel.

That was an interesting snippet and I can't wait for my copy to show up. (Which should be any day now. *hope hope* )

I guess there is one thing all future interviewee's can learn from this is that we want a close up of his bookshelf. ;)

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