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November 14 2008

Jayne as Michaelangelo's David. A sketch of Jayne Cobb posing as Michaelangelo’s David, includes Vera of course.

Now doesn't that just tickle the old imagination. I'll be in my bunk.
Slow news day on Whedonesque? ;-)
I wonder who has Vera now? We hear a lot to Jayne's hat and the box, but never about that prop.

Slow news day on Whedonesque? ;-)

After previewing my post, I think you're right. hehe
Vera, Binky and lots of other groovy things are part of "The Collection", owned by a lucky and dedicated fan. I think it was exhibited at a Dr. Who convention in the UK a couple of years ago, but I don't know that for sure.

I'd never heard about the 'girl in the box' prop being anywhere, who's got that?

And of course, I'm still looking for that headless statue...
Wow! Thanks for the information MikeTMC
Did any of you happen to catch Adam in his long hair on CHUCK this past Monday? Longish hair, goatee, and wire-rimmed glasses. Very beatnik, very sexy. I'll be in my bunk...

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