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November 15 2008

Baby talk with Alyson and Alexis. Those two are adorable.

oh god, so cute. congratulations to them again!
I am glad they ruled out Dennis Denisof. Reminds me of a guy I used to know, Thomas T. Thomas.

They are cute. But in truth, this kind of boilerplate writing is boring. And kosher dills are not sweet.

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They could name the baby "Gherkin" and solve two problems at once. "Bread and butter" pickles are sweet, too, but I don't like the name as well.

These two Whedon-y actors are also sweet.
Why did I read the comments?
Anyone else having problems opening the link? Safari says "Too many redirects occurred trying to open"
I had trouble opening the link with IE but managed to find the story anyway. You could try this link?

ETA: The original link did work with my Firefox.

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Worked fine in Firefox on XP.

And kosher dills are not sweet.

I think that may actually be a bit of slang he picked up over here. In the UK 'kosher' (as well as meaning 'conforms to Jewish dietary laws') also means something like 'the real McCoy', the genuine article. Over here, if you say 'pickles' you usually mean (sweet) pickled onions (if you want a gherkin, ask for a gherkin) so to Alexis the 'real McCoy of pickles' might well be the sweet kind he remembers getting with his fish and chips.

And yeah, don't read the comments to stuff like this, it's just depressing.

[ edited by Saje on 2008-11-15 13:40 ]
omg @ the 5th comment O_o
Boy, I have obviously not been visiting here enough. I did not even know about this. Congrats to the too cute for words couple.

I am glad they ruled out Dennis Denisof.

Count me in for an enthusiastic "amen" on that. Certain names should be ruled out from day one. Names that do funny things with the last name are first and foremost...with old boyfriends and girlfriends names coming in a close second. :)

And kosher dills are not sweet.

It does not say dill, only kosher. All kinds of pickles can be kosher. I wouldn't be surprised if she has a store or a specific brand that she likes that are sold as kosher sweet.

Gee, it's nice to nitpick about trivia again.
I would venture that "Dennis" was probably a joke suggestion on the part of one or both parents.
Considering some of the names of people I have known, I never assume anything is a joke unless I am told so directly. I won't mention any in case any of them read Whedonesque but some are painful. I have a cousin whose name was the name of a popular character in a series of young people's books. (Like having the last name of Potter and deciding to name your son Harry.) One I know is fairly obscene.

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I agree with you,jlp. Wasn't Cordelia's ghost named Dennis?
I'm thinking these two savvy people know how to manage this story. I even wondered if, when asked how her character getting pregnant on HIMYM, she thought about which episode had just been shown, and answered based on that. There seemed to be a bit of a hesitation/calculation at that point.
As an aside related to the topic, many people here have probably already seen this site, but it can't be pimped too much:

Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing

My favorite is, and probably always will be, "Catatonia Calliope".
jlp, that's one of my favorite websites and it never, ever fails to make me laugh again and again. I've sent that to dozens of friends too.

I wonder if they'll give it an A name...
You know, sites like eonline would be far less of a pain in the ass to navigate if there were fewer cross-domain scripts and less active crap going on in the borders. ('Cause, y'know, if not for A & A, it's not remotely worth the bother. Just sayin'...)
Those two (and a half) are ridiculously adorable. Good to see Hollywood types excited for nuclear family.
If the world's cuteness levels ever drop below critical levels, Aly and Alexis will save the day.

Safari says "Too many redirects occurred trying to open"

I read this as "Too many redheads occurred," and was indignant, as one can rarely have too many redheads. Then I realized that Aly had infected me. What a wonderful sickness to have...
I'm bookmarking that page to go back and read anytime I'm tempted to get irked with the level of editorial control here. The internet comment world's a mess, and sometimes the mods just need to rule it. Especially when pickles are involved.
Bonus points for BrewBunny - oh, you guys didn't know about the non-existent bonus points program that I just made up?
Good to see Hollywood types excited for nuclear family.

Not sure where "Hollywood types" come into it (actually I'm not even sure what that sentence means in this context). I see two people who love each other and are excited about having a baby that they will surely love to bits. That is good to see, whether in West Hollywood or Peoria.
Hear, hear SNT.

And, Awwwwwww.
I noticed that, too, but then my brain filed it away with comment #5.
Well, you've got to admit that Alyson and Alexis are a rare find in Hollywood. It's far more often that we hear about a celebrity marriage on the brink of collapse than one happily expecting a baby and joking (hopefully) about potential names.
Nope nope nope. Kosher pickles ain't sweet. But who cares, really, except me? :-)

I have to say, though, I dislike the trend of celebrities picking weird names for their kid: Phineas, Rumer, Apple, even God (which got changed to China), and of course, Dweezil and Moon Unit. My kids are Collin, Noah and Robin; step-kids Rachel and Benjamin. Good, solid names. :-) Let's hope for a Brian or an Allan instead of a Lothar or a Pigeon....

[ edited by Dana5140 on 2008-11-15 18:37 ]
Whoo hoo! Wishing congrats towards Aly and Alex.

And SNT, you've been hiding much too long. Big guy, we miss you:)
You guys made me go and read comment #5 out of curiosity (I never read the comments, except here, where I do the reverse and always read the comments but often don't read the article). I have to admit, my reaction was to burst out laughing... mainly because it was so bizarre and unexpected and gross, not because it was "funny" exactly. Well, anyway, congrats to Alyson and Alexis.

Taaroko, while marriage does seem to be a precarious state, in Hollywood and pretty much Everywhere, I feel like I'm forever reading about celebrity couples and their babies, no?

Also Dana5140 my best friend is going to name her baby Phineas if it's a boy! I'm sure Lothar or Pigeon will survive having a weird name :).
Nope nope nope. Kosher pickles ain't sweet. But who cares, really, except me? :-)

Apparently that's news to these kosher food suppliers. And these as well.

What I'd infer from this is that when Alexis said "They're the sweet, kosher pickles. They can't be the pepper, garlic or whatever—it has to be the right one." he probably wasn't talking about kosher dills (which not only aren't sweet and have quite a lot of garlic in them, they aren't necessarily kosher in the strictest sense at all,) but about some type of sweet pickle that meets kosher requirements. What type that might be, I wouldn't know and don't really know that it matters. But I think we can safely say that there's more than just one type of pickle that fits the description of "kosher".
Of course there are kosher sweet pickles. I see them on the shelf at the store everytime I go in. What a very silly thing to argue about.

Also, so very happy for the adorable couple and their happiness.
So that's why Denisof hasn't done much acting in the last few years. He's retired to stud!:)
I am so happy for them.
Given that they live in California, maybe some nut of a vegetable processor has invented sweet dill pickles and they're just theeeeeee thing in certain circles.

As to names, I'm sure they'll do okay.
Or you could make 'em yourself.
Is it wishful thinking to suggest... Joss Denisof? It just makes me even more fond of Buffy/Angel when I realize that this happy couple & now a new baby are a direct result of the shows. Ok, maybe they would have met otherwise but I prefer my romantic fantasy...
They aren't alone :). I know lots of friends and couples who've met through fandoms.
Oh, that's just an urban legend, zeitgeist - can't believe you fell for it. ;>

Here in what is apparently known as wacko California there are a number of folks that not only marry and have babies every day, there is quite a large additional population clamoring to have their marriage rights restored.

Go know. I've lived in unmarried bliss for 16 years, but apparently this marriage-family thing is still quite popular. ;>
Just as long as they don't name the kid Connor -- that seems not to work out well in their local circles ...
Speaking of institutions, I read an article yesterday about a couple who were celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary. (I'm thinking that the 'Oh' moment has been and gone, and can't help but wonder what they still talk about?!)

I'm ticked about the pickle slant of this thread- only on Whedonesque can we take some happy news, and turn it into a food fight. (Although I see that's been done in the E comments, too...)
Yes. That is definitely the cutest picture of the week. Or possibly of ever.
There's a racecar driver here in Wisconsin who is named, and I swear I'm not making this up, Dick.....Trickle.

Yes. Not Richard, or Ricky, or Rick. Dick Trickle. And he very often finishes last or close to it.
So Shadowquest, you're saying that Dick Trickle never comes first?? *Rimshot*

As a teacher, I've seen my share of shocking kids names. Some were unintentional since I worked in a school with a high proportion of Vietnamese kids. In fact, I once had a little girl called Huow Long, and yes, she was great at maths.
At the same school, we had a boy whose name was Phuc Yu! (Rumour has it he's changed his name to 'Kevin' now.)

My first thought at seeing the above pic was-
'Dear GOD, I hope that's Alexis!!'
I dunno if Phuc Kevin is much better to be honest.
I assume he changed it to Kevin Yu.
I knew of an immigrant couple who wanted to name their daughter a popular North American English name. So they checked around and decided to name her Cinderella. She goes by Cindy.
*snickers at Saje and RCM*

I love these two so much! Their kid will be so lucky. I keep grinning whenever I hear about this.

I just wish my friend stops giggling about a possible Wesley Knocked Willow Up fic.

[ edited by Mirage on 2008-11-16 16:02 ]
Hahaha... poor Saje.
There's a restaurant in L.A.'s Chinatown called "My Dung Sandwich" which always sounded a little phuc'ed up to me - at least, it never inspired me with enough confidence to actually go in there. From the reviews, though, sounds like I might be mis-judging the book by its... dustjacket.
There's a place in Portland called Hung Far Low. Once upon a time, when it was downtown (it's since moved), it had a sign on the side of its building that said "Hung Far Low Cocktails". For years, it proudly remained unmended after someone spray painted out the "tails".
Edited cos it remained unmended after someone sprayed out the tails. Which still says something about the people of Portland ;).

(and this was post-coffee too, no excuses)

[ edited by Saje on 2008-11-17 13:16 ]
"At the same school, we had a boy whose name was Phuc Yu! (Rumour has it he's changed his name to 'Kevin' now.)"

Not what I heard. Apparently he got married not so long ago to a girl called Amy Knightley. They went with a double-barrelled name... ;)

[ edited by Highlander on 2008-11-17 13:20 ]
@RCM: A grasshopper hops into a bar and the bartender says "Hey, we serve a drink with your name on it!"...

@Saje: He's not your audience.    ;-)
Okay, I'm feelign free to do an ego-comment since thsi is so far down now. The "Cutest Picture of the Week" reminded me of a (much smuttier) situation in my fic "the Making of a Bridesmaid." W:"Should you be kissing the baby like that?" T:"I'm kissing you, Summer's just along for the ride." ALtho,a couple days after that fic, Wesley is Willow's official escort at the ceremony and reception. (Gunn is Tara's.) I think the pic decided me ; Willow's Woman of Honor gown will be blue, with Wesley's shirt a much paler shade and his cummerbund in between.
Two cyberfriends of mine did fics involving Willow beign teleported to our universe. She was okay knowing the actress who'd played her was staright, but got freaky when she found out she was amrried to the guy who'd paleyd Wesley.

Actually, two years ahead of me in high school (and she swept all the academic awards for her class yearly; she's now a pediatrician) was Sno White. (Yes, they spelled it that way.0

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