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November 15 2008

James Marsters' November Q and A. Now up on the official site.

Subjects this month include thoughtfulness, envy, roles he'd like to play, punk rock and a (possibly not entirely serious) look at getting ready in the mornings.

Any speculation as to what the "audition for Hugh Jackman" could be about? Tied in to James' previously-mentioned project he's off filming through Deecember? I've never heard of the song he refers to, so that's not giving me a clue at all.

I suspect Kelly Wood is kicking herself.
My totally uninformed guess is that he tried out for the short-lived CBS musical series "Viva Laughlin" (the American adaptation of the BBC's "Viva Blackpool"), which was produced by Hugh Jackman's company.
Q."Name one thing you don't want to end".
A."The Greenland ice sheet."

Once in a while I need to be reminded why I love this man (other than the obvious). ;)
Ditto, Shey. It makes me want to re-watch the Q&A he had with Michael Rosenbaum where he talked about the energy problem and green power. Smart, talented, well-informed and caring - what's not to love?

ETA. Good looking (like really) - yep, it sure says a lot that this is my afterthought. Joss, nab this man back already!!

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