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November 15 2008

Vampires and Slayers Joss Interviews. This interview discusses the evolution of Buffy over its seven seasons. Vampires and Slayers is also becoming a print publication, with the first issue featuring an article based on the above audio as well as a similar "evolution-of" article on Angel.

The Twilight cover feature for the print mag is about the most off-putting choice possible.
Registration required == will not ever visit that site again.
Jim in Buffalo was faster than me re noting registration.

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I could listen to Joss talk about Buffy alllllllll day.
The Twilight cover feature for the print mag is about the most off-putting choice possible.
Craig Oxbrow | November 15, 21:32 CET

Could not agree more.

Registration required == will not ever visit that site again.
Jim in Buffalo | November 15, 22:21 CET

Yeah, that's a bit annoying. Not saying I will never go there again, but I can't be bothered to sign up now just for that.

Maybe later. Heh.
They dangled a carrot with promises of an in depth episodic feature on Angel but it inexplicably stopped after about Season 1 episode 14. Now all I get is espam from them about other shows. I keep meaning to de-register.
Oh, I actually had the reg. req. note in the first draft of this post and when I rewrote the write up I made it go poof. Oh, well... It is slightly ironic that you had to log in to Whedonesque to complain about a link to a site where registration is required. I mean, obviously, we give our content away, but participation requires registration here. If they want to capture you as a user in exchange for the bandwidth, I can't say I'm all that put out; they do have good content at least.
Great structural overview of seven seasons of Buffy.
I asked the guy who runs the place and he said that the hits dropped off drastically for the Angel ep-by-ep, but he will be posting more since he saw interest in this thread. They are very much worth the price of admission.
Registering not a big deal to me if I'm getting decent content. (And Joss interview = decent content.) I did think it was odd that I had to write something in the "favorite vampire" blank, though. :)
The interview is really great and worth joining this kinda weird site. I agree with Craig. Twilight? This is off-topic, but I'm sorry, Twilight? I'm so over it. I don't get the hype. It's a vampire romance novel for tweeners. What can people possibly have to discuss about it? It's totally shallow.
Whatever, good interview. Joss is Boss.
Hmm, great structural overviw of seven seasons of Buffy. It sounds interesting. Maybe I'll register later, though the news about the e-spam is a bit off puting, can you choose not to receive e-mail, is it a fun read? Would be nice if someone could give some impression what the article is like. It would also be nice if something about the reg. req. could be written in the main post, if it isn't to much trouble, hint, hint (I hope this comes a cross right, I don't mean to bossy, I don't mean to order you to add anything zeitgeist, just more or less trying to cast my vote, if you're curious wheter we think you should add something about the requirement.)
Was it clear to any of you when this interview was done? I couldn't find anything that said when...
Well after Linnea1928 comment I had to register offcourse. Seems like you can just turn off all the e-mails, so that shouldn't be a problem (but maybe they will sent spam anyway, I'm not guarantying anything). It seems to be an excellent interview so far, so I'm glad I chose to register. Also a nice surprise that it's audio. Always good to hear Joss voice.(somehow misted that in the main post)

Well, listened to the whole of it now, good interview, and registrating doesn't seem to have any downsides, so it's definitely worth it in my book. Now let's search for those Angel reviews.

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zeitgeist wrote:
It is slightly ironic that you had to log in to Whedonesque to complain about a link to a site where registration is required.

I think it's kind of apples to oranges, though, because I didn't have to register for this site to read the content before ever seeing what the content is in the first place. On the contrary, I had to wait for months for the opportunity to register here, and was elated to finally be able to do so. And Whedonesque is nice enough to save my login so all I have to do is click the link to post and voila I post. I think irony is too strong a word. Whiny bitch-man is probably more like it. Please don't change my username to that, though.
This interview with Joss was conducted about a week before Buffy concluded its run.

Sorry if the registering is off-putting to people. The idea was to create a community for fans of the genre, ranging from the Buffyverse to Moonlight, Twilight, True Blood and so on. As to espam -- the only messages that have gone out to members of the community is the announcements of new interviews, and, now, the launch of the Vampires & Slayers print magazine.

I'll be continuing the Angel episode-by-episodes later this week.

thank you Ed.
Yes, thanks RetroEd. Great to know there will be more Angel ep-by-ep. I don't know if it's ever been linked here, but it's a extensive ep-by-ep talk with (the great) Tim Minear which covers all the episodes of the first season of Angel, also definitely worth registrating. BTW, RetroED are you the one who had the interview(s) with Tim? If so, huge props, they're really excellent.
There also are great interviews with Joss on Fray, Charisma on Angel and a large audio interview with James Marsters I haven't yet got to listen to, which propably will be well worth your time also.

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Yes, I'm the one who interviewed Tim. Over the years I've spoken to a variety of people from both shows, and the Vampires & Slayers community is the perfect place to keep reaching into the "archives" (which sounds far more organized than they actually are) to present those interviews.
Let me add my hearty encouragement to keep on posting those Angel interviews, RetroEd, and any other Whedonverse goodies you've got.
Thank you for this. I'll never get tired of listening Joss talk about Buffy.
I would love to listen the "evolution of Angel". Do you also have an audio interview for this ?
Eventually I can post some audio of Angel evolution. If there's interest out there, I'll go back to making sure that every Tuesday is a Buffyverse day where I add content on Buffy and Angel.
That would be great ! Thanks.
Yes, thanks, Ed. I came to and registered at your site via a Whedonesque mention of the Angel write-ups and really have no vampiric interests outside Buffy and Angel, so I'll be happy to come back to check those Angel evolution interviews out.
Jim - made me laugh out loud.

Ed - seriously, thanks for the interviews!
My pleasure. I genuinely love this stuff, too.
I didn't mind registering, I'm enjoying the interviews and the content at the site, so thanks!
That was an excellent interview, it is a little annoying that it requires registration...
particularly when it requires that one actually have a 'favorite vampire' (seriously?).
But again, really great interview.

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