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November 15 2008

Angel: After the Fall #14 out next Wednesday. According to IDW's Chris Ryall.

Oh, wow. I just picked up 13 yesterday. Good timing me.
I'm finding the Angel comic all but incomprehensible.

Maybe it's just 'cos I'm old. But it's just a big jumble to me.
I don't get it either.
I usually have to reread monthly comics these days in order to remember everything that's going on so that I don't fall behind. After the Fall is fairly involved with a lot of details and references to past events that you kinda gotta just remember so that you get the full meaning. It's another series that is probably best read in graphic novel form.

Also, it helps if you read Spike: After the Fall.
As suggested, it never hurts to go back and read a few issues leading up to the present one.

Or, if that doesn't help, take your Angel: After the Fall # 14, place it in your blender. Add three cups of water and select the puree option. Be sure to keep the blender top on or you'll get a mess. Once Angel: After the Fall # 14 is liquefied, add three drops of lemon juice for flavor, and then drink it over the course of two sittings. It won't help you understand whats going on, but at least you can tell yourself that you successfully internalized it.

Or, option three, feel free to ask any questions you have here to help understand everything. :)
Looking forward to it.We're now in the end game.It really feels like the end of the season feel that Buffy and Angel always had.Those last five episodes of a season feel where all hell is breaking loose and things are getting dark and intense.
I have no idea which cover to get. Beautiful Illyria cover or Angel of all ages? Please advise me.
Why not go hog wild, Liam Mars, and get em' both?!
I added a yang to your yin. Everything balanced now on the entry.
Not that I'm complaining, but isn't this like the 4th Angel comic we've had since the last buffy one came out?
Nice. This means I'll be picking up 13 and 14 this weekend, and giving them both a good reading. I can't wait.
Not that I'm complaining, but isn't this like the 4th Angel comic we've had since the last buffy one came out?

It's the fifth, actually.
It's the second.

We got Angel #12 the same day as Buffy #18. A month and two weeks passed, and then we got #13. Now, a month and a week later, we're getting #14.

I do wish it was the fifth, though! Can't get enough of this series.

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