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November 15 2008

Play Buffy Storyman at It's like Hangman, but with Buffy words.

I find it to be challenging, but a lot of fun - a good way to waste time!

This game is fun! Especially after you have had a few cosmos'. Some clues are obvious, some are not. I like it!
Five letter word, second letter "U", no other vowels, and I didn't get it.

I so suck.
Isn't it "Drusilla", not "Drucilla"? I should've gotten credit for that one.
Hmmm...they also spelled Snyder wrong.
And Ethan Rayne.
Basically they get a bit happy with the 'i' key.
I could hear somebody snickering, "They always go for the E."
What the game really needs is Pat Sajak and Vanna White.
Plus prizes. And a theme tune.
What, us? Hard to please??
Also misspelled 'Angelus'

*kicks game*
They also put Angelus in with a double 'L'. That doesn't really affect your score though because it's the same letter. The Ethan Rayne one tripped me up a bit though.

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