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November 16 2008

Is Buffy the best ever TV show set in school? Buffy is featured in a run-down of the Times' 15 favourite TV shows set in school.

Whedonesque favourite Veronica Mars also features.

Buffy is the best. I also love Veronica Mars.
Buffy wasn't set in school at least as much as it was so - despite the whole "high-school is hell" idea - it only barely qualifies IMO.

'Teachers' was great for the first couple of series but as more of the original cast left it became a bit of a shadow of its former self (and Simon taught English, not games - Brian, one half of the hilarious Brian & Kurt "double act" was the games teacher).
Saje makes a good point about Buffy not really being a school show.

That said, for my money it's the best TV show, period, ever.
Same here, Chris in Virgina. The only shows that even come close are "Angel" and "Veronica Mars."
I think I've already said this, but if Buffy is the best show ever, the best school show is "My so-called life".
Dont be a hater but Dawsons Creek ranks as my favorite show of all time, even over Buffy. Buffy is better, of course, but there is always that little bit of my heart that belongs Joey Potter.
So no love for Saved By The Bell?
Can't hate on that, Beren77.
Well, for high-school kids, sure. I would be hesitate for children under 14 years of age to view though. "BtVS" can be pretty dark depending on your view.
I vote Strangers With Candy.
Think you might have missed the point of the thread a little, Madhatter. ;)

I think Buffy qualifies for the list because Sunnydale High played such an important role in the show, at least while it was standing anyway. I'd say that the library is probably the set that I think of first when I think of the show overall. Buffy's home and the Bronze probably coming in second and third.
The only shows that even come close are "Angel" and "Veronica Mars."

And Battlestar Galactica and Lost. Oh, and The Wire. But that's about it. That pretty much rounds up my favorite shows except for The X-Files, which, while my favorite show and a great one at that, I just don't feel is in the running against such strong competition.
"Lost" is great. It's probably the best show currently on TV. However, it doesn't really come close to cracking that top spot of the holy trinity of BtVS, AtS, and VM. I've yet to see past the initial miniseries of "Battlestar," so I can't say about that one, though.
While it was standing away? Perhaps I was missing the point, but now, I'm completely baffled. Whatever, no harm, no fowl:)
Oh goodness, I just said "fowl" as in chickens. My, my, I need to return to the states ASAP!
I guess you could make a claim that 'Deadwood's set in the school of hard knocks ;).
I thought we were leaving the topic and just listing our favorite shows. ;-)
No that's just every other thread here. For some bizarre reason, we're staying reasonably on topic here.

And no love for Recess?

Oh deja vu.
I would rank "Freaks and Geeks" and "My So-Called Life" as No. 1 and No. 2, ahead of "Buffy" at No. 3 and "Veronica Mars" at No. 4. I don't think any TV show has captured the reality of school-life nearly as well as "Freaks and Geeks" and "My So-Called Life." Those shows were pitch-perfect in that respect.
Simon, Recess is one of my all time favorites. Go TJ!

Another show that should definitely be on there is Life As We Know It. I LOVED that show! And I know another! Skins. Also awesome.
Veronica Mars is definitely my number 1. I miss that show so much.
My So-Called Life gets my vote. I adore Veronica Mars, Freaks and Geeks and above all of them, Buffy. However, when we are talking "high school"...I think of MSCL. Rayanne forever! ha

btw, Anyone else think they could have posted a better Buffy vid with that article? That was way too depressing. haha
I LOVED Recess! Spinelli was awesome!
I loved My So Called Life and The Paper Chase myself.
I'm glad to see that Veronica Mars took the #1 spot on this list. It is certainly my favorite show set in school.
Aw, that's lovely, thanks! I also loved VM, but Buffy beats it for me. Also love the B/A mention in that write-up. :)
I wonder if for this list, one should consider shows only to count for the period during which they were set in high school? That would make, e.g., Buffy just seasons 1-3 and VM seasons 1-2. This would, to me, help VM immeasurably (not a fan of season 3) and hurt Buffy somewhat (seasons 1-3 are terrific, but so are the later years). I'd probably still go Buffy at 1 and VM at 2, although if you include their later seasons Buffy would get a much greater lead. But I'd still probably put them as 1 and 2, personally--although I still need to get into MSCL and Freaks & Geeks (which means I really don't know :P).
Well, if you broaden the definition of school to include college, then...Buffy counts for four and a half seasons. And then Dawn was in high school in seven, before they killed Sunnydale, so...
Using the loose definition of "set in school" and ignoring the fact that all the characters were out of high school at the end of season three and Buffy quit college early in season five, my answer is, BtS should be number one.
For a show actually set in school, start to premature finish, i'd definitely give it to My So Called Life.

I loved that the "tribute video' was all from season seven, well past anyone (except Dawn) still being "in school".
And that it featured far more footage of Buffy and Spike than of Buffy and Angel, who to be fair (as opposed to shiperly) was only on the show for the first three seasons.
The only show that I have seen come close to the brilliance of Buffy, the high school years, is Battlestar Galactica.
Buffy should be #1 on this list, imo.
No love for Parker Lewis?

Oh, Brimstone kicked some asses too... Maybe not about High school.
I'd add Friday Night Lights. At least the first season!
I'd put Buffy and Freaks and Geeks at 1 and 2, followed by My So-Called Life and Veronica Mars. I'll second S1 of Friday Night Lights as well.
Yep, Friday Night Lights, definately. MSCL and VM, obviously, were good mentions. I also still very much need to watch F&G.

And isn't the white house some kind of school with the President as headmaster? No? Oh well, was just looking for a way to get a The West Wing mention in (the only show I can imagine that's quite as close to my heart as Buffy/Angel/Firefly are).
A few really good HS shows...Room 222, he White Shadow, Mr. Novak, and, for comedic value, Head of the Class, both versions (Howard Hesseman and Billy Connelly.)

Yes, I am old.
Ah, Room 222! I was trying to remember that high school show I was addicted to in high school, thanks! It aired the year before I started and then ran all through HS, although I was way too cool to watch it in my junior and senior years. ;)
Funny coincidence, cabri, my homeroom in my junior year of HS, when the show was running, was actually room 222 at Somerville HS, NJ.

Yeah, we're old!
I'm not olde enough to ahve seen Mr. Peepers or I'd be asking why it's not included :-).

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