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November 16 2008

(SPOILER) Angel:After the Fall #14 five page preview. Preview for this Wednesday's issue.

Hmm,won't let me zoom in so I can read the text.
I loves Spikes reaction to hearing that Angels human now! :0

I can't wait to get hold of this.
God, I hate that preview mechanism shit.

Anyway, the actual book itself is looking good.
Buffyfanatic, you need to click the arrow button all the way to the last page and then it will enter the application where you can zoom in.
Can't wait to read this. I'll be waiting for the hardback as normal but I have to admit that it's harder to do that for Angel than it is for the Buffy trades. With Buffy the four issue arc style makes reading the story in collected format ideal but After the Fall doesn't work that way, meaning that I'm wanting the next part of the story as soon as possible. Still, at least I know the wait is worth it.
Buffyfanatic, you need to click the arrow button all the way to the last page and then it will enter the application where you can zoom in.
Emmie | November 16, 21:39 CET

Tried,it's not doing it.I click to zoom in and the page freezes.

It's probably something on my end.I didn't have this problem with the issue 13 preview last month though.
Nice preview. Are we ever going to get Franco Urru back on ATF?
Next issue, yessir.
Ahhhhhhh! I want more!

I loved what Groo named his pegasus, too! Actually, I love Groo in general in After the Fall, even though I didn't like him all that much in the televised series. And I agree with Sue, great Spike voice, very in-character.

Still not quite sure what's Gunn's plan for Illyria, but I think that's the point. For the moment, I just love seeing them interact. As much as I adore Season 5 of Angel, it had quite a few wrongs that Angel: After the Fall is currently righting, and lack of Gunn-Illyria interaction is one of them. :)
That's a great point, enisy. It's nice to have some quality Gunn-Illyria interaction. Very interesting use of the time-slips, too.
Thanks to Sueworld over at the IDW board,I was able to read the pages.Again,Thank You.

It looks great.The Gunn stuff still has me really fascinated.I'm also wondering if they are going to use Illyria's timeslip to go back to before the alley.Not sure how I feel about that at this point if that's the way it goes.Seems to easy a solution.

Spike's reaction to Angel's human state was pretty great and Groo naming his pegasus after Cordy is not a shock after Angel's dragon was killed.So is this Cordy The Third now?lol

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What an awesome preview. I can't wait to see where this is going. I just have to mention again what an amazing job that Brian has done continuing this story. He's hit it out of the park.

I have a different perspective on a potential reset. The gang have to get out of Hell A somehow. If they can figure out how to do a reset and best WR&H, all the better. What would be amazing is if the time travel takes them to the future, say Fray time, rather than back to the past.
There are so many things that could happen with a reset. If Angel is thrust back into the past and decides not to send the amulet to Buffy, that could be a reason Buffy's army of slayers aren't in Fray's time. Could also be the reason why Spike isn't in the history books. Food for thought.

Whatever is about to happen, I can't wait to read it.
I'm on the edge of my seat. I wish there was more! *crignes with comic hunger*

Love it.

Will add in a complaint about the preview mechanism also. I want my pages static, not roaming around with me and my mouse. Can we go back to the old way?
got my copy today .... hmmmm hmmmm good :)
lucky you resa...will be at the store first thing Thursday morning!Cant wait to read!
Love that Spike brags about shutting the Hellmouth alot lol

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