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November 16 2008

Six Clips from "The Alphabet Killer." Check out Eliza Dushku and Co. in the forthcoming film (loosely inspired by true events) "The Alphabet Killer" in six exclusive clips courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting.

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Actually I saw THE ALPHABET KILLER at a local film festival. While I support Eliza and and wanted to like this movie I found it was hobbled by plot holes big enough to drive a truck through. I won't say what those are so I don't spoil the film but I do encourage fans to go. Eliza is amazing in her role and watching her trade lines with some of the best actors in the biz (Timothy Hutton, Cary Elwes, Michael Ironside and next time more Martin Donovan please) is a pleasure not to be missed. I just wish those plot holes would have been caught in the writing or the directing or whatever (it wasn't the editor, I've known him for years and he followed the script). I think the film makers were going for a James Elroy feel in a supernatural thriller and it just didn't quite come off. I also saw Nathan Fillion in TRUCKER and when someone posts something about it, I will give my minireview of that too. It's a brilliant movie though.
RazorBlade, I also saw "The Alphabet Killer." Although Eliza Dushku is very good, it seemed to me like the filmmakers were trying to go for something about halfway between a regular police investigation thriller and a supernatural horror film and, to me, the film doesn't straddle the gap very well. I also agree with you about the coincidences/plot holes. Haven't seen "Trucker," though -- but does anybody else think that's Emma Caulfield as the potential customer in one of those Progressive Insurance ads?
There's Martin Donovan? If I'd known that, I'd have tried harder to get tickets for the LA premiere.
This movie looks like it'd be pretty good. I'd watch it regardless because of Eliza, but does anyone else have trouble buying her as a cop? I mean, as the consultant or whatever, yeah, but in that uniform she kinda looks like a little kid at halloween. Maybe that's just me.
Martin Donovan is only in one scene, alas. Actually imockyouwithmymonkeypants Eliza in a police uniform is the least of the issues with believability in this film. Just go see it. It's sad because I wanted to like it and maybe repeated viewings will allow me to appreciate it. It's equally sad about Eliza in a police uniform. Not because I didn't buy it, but because of my age we will never date... sigh

I hope that isn't Emma Caufield in a commercial. Isn't she working on a film?
I would go see it, but I highly doubt it will play anywhere near where I am, so I'll have to wait for Netflix. I, however, am among the group that would watch Eliza watch paint dry, so I will see it.

And it wasn't so much a believability issue as it was a "she's entirely too adorable" kind of issue, which really isn't such a bad one.

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