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November 16 2008

(SPOILER) Alexis Denisof in Private Practice 2x06 Promo. A few shots of Alexis in this preview of episode six, to be aired 11/19/08. Possible spoilers for viewers of Private Practice.

Aw man, I wish he'd had a speaking line.

At any rate, I forgot this was this week! I am so excited now.
I know, it's just a few really quick scenes of him...I was wondering if it was worth posting, but considering how little we see of him I figured it was all good :-D

I know I am excited, and I don't even watch Private Practice!
This show is boring, but I'll watch for Alexis. He needs to be on TV more often!
Next stop, maybe a good, show? ;) Hopefully now that Aly and Alexis are going to be parents, he'll get more aggressive about getting more work (calling Ari Gold, this man needs a good agent).
You know, Shey, it's what a lot of us said about Nathan Fillion when we found out he was going to be on Desperate Housewives! Whether we like DH or PP or not, it's undeniable that these shows are high-profile and will give otherwise little-known actors a boost.
It's what I still say about Nathan on Desperate Housewives! ;)

Obviously nice to see Alexis on a show that will hopefully get him the exposure he deserves but also have to agree with Shey. Would be nice to see him on a program that was actually any good. There are plenty of television shows out there that are both popular and enjoyable. Private Practice, for me at least, is not one of them. To be fair though, I can't stand any hospital based shows so it never really stood a chance with me.
The fact that Alexis isn't on my television on a weekly basis is a travesty.
He never did seem to have much enthusiasm for his acting career to me. That primitive male drive to succeed. I have a gut feeling (but hope I'm wrong)that he may decide to completely give up acting and be the parent that stays at home for their child. A Mr. Mom. I usually don't watch Private Practice, but will for Alexis. Maybe we need to start a web site to encourage Alexis to not give up on his acting career.
I vote for Alexis to be on Chuck

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