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November 16 2008

2008 CSTS raises over $100,000 for Equality Now. The 2008 Ongoing Tally is $102,814.74 as of November 07, 2008.

Wow, that is so great! Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to make it such a success!
I ain't one for braggin' (much), but we Austinites had the highest total, so far, at just under $11,000. And our sister city of Houston appears to be right behind in the number two spot. Did I mention I don't like to brag?
Are they on target to beat last year's efforts?
That is awesome.

year goal actual
2006 N/A 65K
2007 100K 114K
2008 155K 102K+
2009 155K

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Excellent news.
If you laid 100,000 dollar bills end to end they'd most likely blow away and you'd lose them. Much better to give them to Equality Now. And How!
Congratulations to CSTS for raising so much money - despite gnarly situational complications as well as the usual organizing challenges - and to all the folks that participated in the events that raised so many shekels. EN is happy, I'm sure.

Good to see that there's also almost a full slate of folks on the organizing team - looks like peeps from all over have stepped up for next year.
Hard-earned money at work. Makes me happy.
It's unlikely we'll make 150k this year due to the economic crisis we have all faced this year. But it's a significant effort on behalf of everyone who organised and everyone who donated what they could.
And, in reality, even if for some reason CSTS simply leveled off at $100,000/year, that's not chump change to an organization the size of Equality Now.
A thank you to all the hard working crews who made CSTS possible all around the world this year and bravo for a job well done!!

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