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November 16 2008

Seth Green Takes Entertainment Weekly's Personality Quiz. Seth talks about his least favorite Star Wars death, the one thing that he wishes he still had from his childhood, and his karaoke skills. Oh, and maybe a little something about a certain guest stint. Not to worry spoilerphobes there is nothing to fear here.

I actually watched a whole episode of Entourage, a show that I'm not fond of, because Seth Green was on it. He was as great as an horrific asshole as he is as a big (but conflicted) sweetie. There's just so much talent.
Was Joss on last night's episode of Robot Chicken? Or is that next week?
Dreamy sigh... still loves me some Seth after all these years. I'm glad I didn't change my posting name. :-)
The first question is wrong. Boba Fett didn't die, so the answer has to be Maul.
He did if you just go by the movies.
Not necessarily. He was shown falling in and then lost from view. Given that this is sci-fi, if there's no body/proof, there's no reason to believe that he's dead.

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I've always assumed the ridiculously juvenile belch coming from the Sarlacc was a tip-off that Boba Fett was being digested. And I'm not sure we should apply courtroom standards of proof to such things. In any case, I cherish the fact that he had such a stupid end. From the sublime to the cor blimey, as my dad would say. Seemed fitting for a bounty hunter somehow. (Yes, I know that Fett lives on in the minds, and creations, of many, but I'm happy to ignore fanfic here, as elsewhere).

Seth is wonderful. I couldn't agree more with him about Showgirls, the Citizen Kane of crappy movies IMO. :-)
The bit about Seth meeting the "real" Grover from Sesame Street after having a full-size Grover as a child was really cute.

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