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November 17 2008

NPH talks about what he'd like to see in a Dr. Horrible sequel. And about being one of the EW's entertainers of the year. (Video Interview)

To me, Cap. Hammer will go to some distant place to recover his strength. He will teched by a oriental master like Pai mei or Mr. Miaggi (even facing ducks!). With inspiratinal 80's music cords.
While this, Dr Horrible will be making a ressurection machine in Frankenstein fashion, dreaming of Penny, however, when awake he sees her taunting him demoniacly.
In the end Captain Hammer will battle Dr. and in the fight they both will be electructed by the thunder who brings Penny back to life, leading the two enemies to a coma.
NPH is just...too awesome for words sometimes. His description of "A Hole in the Wall" was priceless. I do think Nathan's style of humor has rubbed off on him a bit, too.
He did the finger-wave from "Brand New Day" again! *squee*
Wow, he is like the cutest thing ever. After that interview, I love him more than ever. I'm so in love with him.
... That is all.
NPH is so adorable! He always seems to natural and real during interviews. Love it, and more Dr. Horrible Please!

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I wonder if he's seen the Japanese source show, Brain Wall (aka Human Tetris on YouTube). I've heard they use something besides water in their pool. Something ... biological. O.O Not sure how true that is.
Now I'm spoiled with an idea I'll never get out of my head. If the sequel does not feature synchronized water sliding, I'll be disappointed.
The Dr. Horrible sequel I will henceforth refer to as if it's real should definitely have Goonie-like action sequences. No 80s rap. Some 90s hip-hop would be nice.

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