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November 17 2008

Nathan Fillion joins the voice cast of Halo 3 Recon. Nathan will again be lending his talent to the Halo universe. He will be voicing one of four squad members that will be playable in the game.

Near the end of the article:

Nathan Fillion of Firefly, who played a random ODST in Halo 3, is signed up the play one of the squad members. "So if you like the voice cast in Halo 3, we've elevated some of them to a cinematic level".

It was kinda disconcerting to hear him in Halo 3, it took me out of the game for a few seconds.
I don't have a link anymore, but Alan Tudyk had also mentioned working on a new Halo project a while back (presumably this one). Whether or not he's still in there, I don't know.

Hearing those two (and Jayne) in Halo 3 took me out of the game for a bit, too.
Oh I absolutely loved it.

Like I wouldn't already be buying Halo 3 Recon - it now has to go to the top of my want list.

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