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November 18 2008

T1 Convention featuring Summer Glau - April 2009. If you live in dear old Blighty and fancy seeing the likes of Summer Glau, Adam Baldwin, Amy Acker, Felicia Day, Georges Jeanty, Jonathan Woodward and Clare Kramer then you might be interested in this upcoming Starfury event.

Adam, Summer and Jonathan will also be appearing at Fedcon in May.

Been booked since the day tickets went on sale, gold pass at that :) and we're even booked in to the Hilton hotel, will be nice to stay somewhere other than the Thistle at Heathrow.

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Yep - I'll be at this one too. Despite only landing home from St Lucia at 4am on the Saturday!
Well, I don't live in old Blighty, but thanks for the new word, Simon. :)
I've booked too. Starfury events have been consistently excellent - both in terms of value for money - and in terms of being fun.
It's an excellent line-up and yes, will make a change to be away from the Thistle! The Hilton is, well, just that little bit nicer!
Yep, booked gold straight away. Looking forward to it!
Should be an excellent weekend! Adam, Summer and Jonathan have been excellent at previous Starfury events.
It's in England?? I'm drooling over this. But, that skip over the pond is a tad out of budget. :(

For those who go, pictures and stories please!
Korkster At least the exchange rate for US$ to has improved for you - I always post pics on my site of all the Starfury Cons I attend - as for some of the Jonathan Woodward ones are best not posted publicly ;)
Oh... tempting... but I have never been to a con and I'm not sure I should change my ways. I might never change back...

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