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November 18 2008

More photos from Dollhouse. Spoiler TV posts some more promotional photos released by FOX. A couple have been seen before, I think, but at least three of them are new shots of Eliza in various identities.

Late edit bonus: Photos from Dollhouse filming today on location.

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Leather pants!

Sorry. Momentary loss of control. Won't happen again. These pics look very cool.

...Leather pants!
Looking at her knuckles in the first picture, I'd say somebody's face got messed up real good.

And of course "...Leather pants!"

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Yeah, I'm fond of the leather pants, myself.
How bout the boots with the leather pants.... I'm totally in love with those boots! (Has to be warm though, thigh high leather boots over leather pants... yikes)
Yowza! Leather-y goodness :)!
Also, mp3s of Joss and of Eliza talking Dollhouse. Each is only about 45-50 seconds long.
Um... if you look at the second picture... is it just me or is her shirt kinda see-through?
Mmmm, nice boots, they're what all the safecrackers'll be wearing next spring, just wait.
Noooo! I can't see the pictures. And it's not just me. A friend of mine can't do it either.

Can someone save them and upload them in Imageshack or something? I want them so badly!! Thanks.
Echo has tan lines on her feet from thong flip-flops.
Though I will instantly jump on the "LEATHER PANTS!" and "yeah, kinda see-through" band-wagons, I'm also hoping that we start seeing some non-Eliza promos. Not that I don't find her lovely (ahem...leather) to look at, but I wish we could sneak a peak at some of the other elements within the Dollverse.
Is Echo allowed to eat... like, ever?
Oh lord, we're not going to start in on that old argument again, are we.
Awesome! I love that they're basically all different genres. Illegal bank robbery? Horror? War action? Very cool.
hitnrun017 : Illegal bank robbery? Horror? War action? Very cool.

I completely agree! Hopefully, there will be a strong season arc, but at the same time, it looks like each episode will be stand alone-ish to keep from intimidating new viewers who missed the first couple of shows. I'm sure Fox will like that.

I'm really starting to get excited for this now!
I have such a crush on Eliza these days. Which is strange because I never really thought twice about her during the BTVS days.
Wahhhh! Baby wants a Dollhouse-emblazoned director's chair. It would be hella nifty.

(Neat find on the Valencia-shoot, b!X, and thanks to Steve Riekeberg for sharing 'em.)
From the looks of it, these are from the first three episodes: the previously seen images are likely from the first episode, the leather pants from the second, and the two woods scenes (which I'm fairly certain are from the same ep -- note the maroon shirt underneath the white sweater and the cuts on her hands/above her right eyebrow) take place in the third.
I can't wait til this starts.
Whisper Well, my black leather side-zip boots only come up to just under my knees, but I can attest to the warmth factor, especially when worn under pleather pants. Especially when sitting in a hot, crowded tent for a few hours of dinner and a concert by Tony.

Boy, getting out of that outfit was a struggle...

Anyone else notice her watch is digital?
See, I'm more of a red beater and army trousers kind of girl. Those boots look essential for safe cracking though.
If I ever have a safe i'll probably put a cattle grid or maybe an escalator in front of it - proof against all but the most determined enheeled robber.

Illegal bank robbery?

The very worst kind of bank robbery i've always thought ;).
Actually, the leather look and stiletto boots are a perfect 'cover' in case you get caught during your illegal bank robbery. You can pretend you are one of the cleaning crew dolls, right?
If I ever have a safe i'll probably put a cattle grid or maybe an escalator in front of it - proof against all but the most determined enheeled robber.

Then how did all those cowboy robbers do it in their riding heels? Were we misinformed again?

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