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November 18 2008

Doug Jones presents "Identity: the Man Behind the Mask" at Ball State University. Doug Jones (one of the Gentlemen in the Buffy episode "Hush") returns to Ball State to give a presentation with a Q&A session following.

Doug Jones is most often listed as playing Faun in the movie Pan's Labyrinth, but he was also one of the Gentlemen from the Buffy episode "Hush" and Abe Sapien from Hellboy. He graduated from Ball State and recently returned to make a movie entitled "My Name is Jerry" with 50 other Ball State students. His presentation is at 7:30pm at the Emens Auditorium on November 19th (tomorrow).

This is where I graduated from, so I have to say I'm proud of who's come out of the acting school at BSU.

It's funny you should mention Ball State. If memory serves, my school is playing them in football this Wednesday. I hope the presentation goes well. It would be interesting to hear Mr. Jones speak.
deepgirl187, I can't find this anywhere but on Facebook, so if you have a Facebook account:

10-0! When I attended (LAST YEAR), we were lucky to get 3-0. The team is just crazy this year.
Doug Jones is the bomb. I met him recently at the Armageddon convention down where I live (Melbourne, Australia). He hugged me (3 times over the course of the weekend), we discussed his work, he signed my copy of Hellboy (the Director's Cut on Blu-ray, no less), and I got to tell him about Hush being No.3 on IGN'd 20 Scariest TV Moments list. Seriously, to everyone here, if you get the chance to meet the guy, do it. Sweetest human being you will ever meet.

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