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November 18 2008

Nicholas Brendon Back at Having Fun with the Undead. Check out all the details on our former Mr. Harris' new horror comedy "Blood on the Highway."

Ok Now...I love NB as much as the next guy, but come on..he couldn't do better than this? I think he deserves better.

Um...the slicked-back look does no one favors.
You guys, don't be so glum about it. I'm really looking forward to it. :)
I think that trailer has been out since last year.
Since the reminder post was deleted from the front page, I'll note here that Nick is on Criminal Minds tonight at 9 on CBS.

Unfortunately, opposite Alexis Denisof on Private Practice on ABC.
The most unfortunate thing? Both of them are appearing on shows that I don't like, especially Alexis.

Good exposure for them. Bad luck for me.
I know, right? I'll be watching or recording Alexis, but will probably skip Criminal Minds.
If I have to pick between two of my favorite actors, one that gets steady work against one that is rarely seen, or rarely gets or takes any acting rolls, I would pick the rarely seen actor. So I will be watching and recording Private Pratice tonight to see Alexis.(Sorry Nick!)
I watched that whole Criminal Minds episode, watched Jason Alexander being unbelievably creepy (meaning that I didn't believe him) and only got a few minutes of Nick right at the beginning. Argh.

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