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November 19 2008

First signs of The Cortex? NASA creates Internet-like Communication System. NASA announced today that it has completed its first successful test of a communications network in space thatís modeled on the Internet.

Sounds like the beginnings of the Cortex to me. Additional coverage at Venture Beat.

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I'm not sure what you mean. Welcome to the board..
The idea of the Cortex in Firefly, a way of distributing information and "waves" (live video streams) is space communication and having an internet-like communication in space is most probably the first step towards that ever happening.

Thanks for the welcome though, I think I've been here awhile ;).
I think this is interesting, but I'm wondering if it's Whedonesque-y relevant.
When they can get it to communicate faster than light they'll be closer to the Cortex. As it is it's "just" an internet that's been slightly modified to deal with bibblty inducing vastiness. Nice project but incrementally different, not exactly revolutionary (it kinda reminds me of this long proposed solution to stringent electricity requirements ;-).
I was wondering about the Whedony relevance too.

For instance, "Shindig" ended with cattle transport. Does that mean I can link to a company that offers to fly cattle?
Probably not but if you can find one that flies beagles you're in like Flynn.
Well, OneTeV, I'd fail to see the news relevance of that (although I love the fact, that, of course, these guys are Dutch :)).

The difference is that this link does have a relevent news-y value. In fact, if your shipping link had been a new activity, it might've just scraped by as well.

So I'd say this is a keeper even though, like Saje said, this technique is hardly revolutionary and like you and Mirage remarked, the Whedon seems a bit thin. In fact, I like it when people come up with untradional links here, because it both keeps our conversation topics varied and because it keeps things fresh and unpredictable.

Having said all this, in the end it's all up to our mods to decide if links are relevant for the whedonesque main page or not.
Well it's still here, reckon they'd have to be pretty asleep at the switch to have left it so long. Course, mod-ing's long hours with crappy wages, maybe they're taking a well deserved break ...

... so, about Bangel vs Spuffy then ... ;-)
Nah, they would have deleted it by now. Especially since they already deleted last night's haiku filled duplicate thread.
Well, I should have chosen images of another multi-planet solar system as the example of (recent) news that has a questionable Whedonyness to it.

Saje: Probably not but if you can find one that flies beagles you're in like Flynn.
Mwuh hah hah hah! (Fear my evil laugh!)

Flying Beagles

Even better...
Twenty-four beagles were used to measure physiological and behavioral reactions to air transport.
Jeez but beagles have it tough, if it's not smoking it's flying economy class. I'm thinking this whole "small droppings" thing may not be all it's cracked up to be.

(and yours is, indeed, an evil laugh OneTeV ;)

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