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November 19 2008

Vampires ate your hair. IO9 takes on the issue of vampy hairdos (or hairdon'ts) with comparisons of Angel and Spike to the latest Twilight style.

::Chuckle:: Sometimes the silly topics make me do that. Have to say no vamp has better hair than Angel, unless it's Spike ... or James Gunn. Oh okay, James is a real person but he has very cool hair. In fact, I think when I mentioned it once, he said David stole his hairstyle.

I'd nominate Eric Northman but those vampires on True Blood can't help the way they look. They look as they did when they were made. I wonder what would happen if say, Eric cut his hair. Would it just grow back like Claudia in IVWAV?
Well, you do have to remember that in most vampire stories they can't see their reflection - so they have pretty awesome hair for not being able to see themselves.
They would do each other's hair.
It'd be a party..... Does that mean Dru did Spike's?
I haven't really thought about it for awhile, but I'm impressed by how well David (or David's stylist) was able to get his hair to stand that straight up. What were they using, shellac?
Anyone else think that George Hamilton guy looks like an older version of Seth Green? Something about his expression just reminds me of Oz.
Realizing how old I must be to have noticed the use of "that George Hamilton guy" instead of simply "George Hamilton". Heh.
MonkeyPants, I think it's the shape of his eyebrows, as well as something in his expression that resembles a slight protruding under bite. However, George Hamilton's complexion is generally a bit too much on this side of orange. Seth Green is a bright white, other than freckles, redhead. But I vaguely see what you mean.
No, not the hair never the hair!

I was always so intrigued by how Punk Spike managed to get his eyeliner on straight that I barely paid attention to the hair.

Though "Insane in the basement" Spike had seriously mad hair!

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Damnit, now I'm torn! Really, they both had great hair. Okay, I took the easy way out, but really!!
Angel may have had his dodgy hair days (most notably in s5, I felt - what was with the bouffant look?) but no way is he worse than these promo pics of Edward. Someone has had a hundred years too many to obsess about their appearance teenage-style. At least Angel spent his time profitably, brooding.
I just thought of another way for vamps to get around the no reflection thing... Camera and monitor! Buffyverse vamps do show on camera!
I always thought Spike's hair looked sort of like Ramen noodles.

But I do wonder - how did William & Liam change their hairstyles? Did they force a barber/hairstylist to give them something they didn't have to mess with, and then kill the poor sap?

And...when'd William go from being sandy brown to peroxided blond, any way?
Spike was making a statement with his hair (another attempt to distance himself from William and into his self-made persona?)– so it was part of his character and it was a real good look for him, IMO. I don’t hate on Angel’s hair, but I do wonder WHY it was done that way, other than to give Spike ammo for ‘straight up’ hair jokes ;)
Surely that's reason enough ;)
Yeah, well the Eric-from-Trueblood hair is definitely draining his style, and undermining that authority thing he's going for. If he can't change the hairdo from his vamped-time look, the guy should respect himself and get some kind of hat.
Hee-hee-hee; altho ionce made the mistake of making a "grows straight up" comment about DB in front of my ex-wife (who thinks he's a cutie-pie, plus she's a fan of his dad's weather forecasts) who had no idea who Spike was and angrily asked me if I'd never heard of gel.

I'm sure there's a closely guarded secret of vampiric hair-styling. If Harmony reveals it in her predicted S-8 appearance, she may find herself targetted by traditionalists.

I sort of wondered why souled Spike never went back to the sandy; of course given James's natural dark it probably wouldn't have been any easier on his scalp. Those dark bases with the bleached tips in "Lessons" were a very real-ish look for James but made no sense for William.

But it's the reason why, in my fic-verse, I had the bear-man with the wishing stone choose Spike as the sperm donor for Willow and Tara 's first child.
I was quite fond of Spike's early season 7 hair. Buffy might have thought it looked crazy; I thought it framed his face quite well. I notice that David Boreanaz's hair still sticks up a bit on "Bones"; maybe it just grows that way.
Didn't they show Harmony using a video camera to put on makeup in Harm's Way? Late season 5 Spike hair was my favorite... especially "Intervention".
Vampires have it easy. Imagine a zombie trying to do their hair - no fine motor control.
Maybe that's why they're so evil -- they're all having bad hair days.
Yeah, well the Eric-from-Trueblood hair is definitely draining his style, and undermining that authority thing he's going for. If he can't change the hairdo from his vamped-time look, the guy should respect himself and get some kind of hat.

Now, that's really a ethnic hair-trait thing and not a species thing. Hat? What kind of hat?
true to dru said:

Late season 5 Spike hair was my favorite... especially "Intervention".

Mine, too! Where it's short enough that he doesn't need gel, but it's still bleached and not going all Curls of Redeemyness (like the beginning of Season 7) on us.

But I agree with Mirage that Spike's hair is part of his "self-made personae" (especially if you listen to the commentary for "Fool for Love") and so is a part of his character. Angel's hair just seems to be that way so that we can say thinks like "His hair grows straight up and he's bloody stupid." I mean, I adore Angel, but making fun of his hair is way too much fun to resist.
Well, I can agree that in that particular picture of Angel his hair does look pretty awful, but it wasn't generally quite so... gooey, for lack of a better word, as I recall.
Spike's hair looks like popcorn (I had a dream about that once).

I'd much prefer his 60's punk look from 'Fool For Love' over any other hairstyle. At least it's immediately recognizable as punk, and that's what Spike was supposed to be.

His early S7 hair also deserves a notable mention. It looked very lovely, all messy and crazy.
Eric from True Blood is awesome and his hair is part of what makes him awesome! :( Don't think True Blood is that great a show though, it's fun to watch, but that's it.
Awesome, really?
Well, to each his own. I'd say it makes Eric look silly, myself. Kind of like the "Breck girl" ads of yore, for anyone old enough to remember those. Sort of toss-ible hair.It's the combination of the straightness, blondness and length which adds up to a serious lack of fearsomeness in my book.
I remember in Lorne's dimension, Angel lamented the poofiness of his hair in the mirror.
I always thought Spike's hair looked sort of like Ramen noodles.

I always thought this as well! Haha.

I liked Spike's hair when he was evil...after that it was kind of silly (as Cordelia pointed out).

And speaking of Eric from True Blood...he should DEFINITELY be on this list! He's got a sort of Katie Couric thing going on...not very threatening. Unless you're Sarah Palin.
I love insane in the basement hair!
Just a little Eric defense. What is it about men with longish hair that makes people say they look like the Breck girl? Hair bigotry, folks. Sure, maybe a 6'4" Viking vampire with flowing blonde locks isn't everyone's notion of male attractiveness and power, but I don't think there is one effete or wimpy thing about the actor or the character. If you watched the last episode (11), and saw him make Bill flinch with a gently whispered but stone-cold "What?" with matching cold eyes, you might think differently. We have a lot to see from Eric yet. He's not a vampire you want to screw with under any circumstances (I can't remember from the books but I would put him at about 1,000 years old, or close).

It's interesting that the vampires in TB are mainstreaming as part of soceity, yet have to retain their original appearance, which must make it much harder. Angel had long hair once but of course he'd want to get rid of it to cut ties with his past as much as possible. His very modern spiky hair could be a reason for that.
No problem with long hair here, Tonya. Actually, very few long haired guys resemble the Breck girls. It's Eric's own particular variety thereof that makes him look a bit of a goose. To me.
Okay, maybe I just completely fail at fashion savviness (not unlikely), but I love Angel's hair, and it annoyed me whenever someone made fun of it on the shows (though it was funny/understandable for Spike and the Buffybot to do so). During the first chunk of season five, though, it looks so absurd (as well as in the doughnut shop and rat-infested alley flashbacks) that it makes me twitch when I watch those episodes. Whenever it's just the usual tall spikiness (or even ponytail Liam hair), it looks awesome.

I've never really liked Spike's hair. The ramen noodles comment made me laugh, because it is essentially the very amusing truth. However, '70s punk mode was an absurdly attractive look for him.

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