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November 19 2008

Firefly/Serenity Convention this weekend-very interesting stuff happening. Any Whedonesquers going? We are going to need war stories about your adventures with Gina Torres, Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau, Jewel Staite, Ron Glass, Jane Espenson, Creating the Replica of the ship, Firefly Fan Film Bellflower and that shiny Official Map of the 'Verse.

And we want to hear if anybody else shows up!

Also, heard tell that the SoCal Browncoats have plans aplenty.

And we want pictures, videos. Please.

I'm leaving bright and early tomorrow morning (I'm driving down)! The Southern California Browncoats evidently plan get-togethers both Thursday and Friday at dinner time at the Marriott's restaurant. I'm definitely looking forward to a full weekend of fun; I've never met Gina Torres and Jewel Staite, but most of all I'm looking forward to hearing Jane Espenson speak!
I'm not sure if it will be better than B3 (that was pretty phenomenal) but at least it shouldn't involve malfeasance! Yay!
This is one I really hate to miss, Gina doesn't show up to that many fan events. :(
I'm comforting myself with the fact that philcon is this weekend, and I'm going to that. :) Everybody who is going to this con of BDH awesomeness, have fun!
So, embers, are you bringing the internet with you?
I'll be there Sunday. I'm super excited to meet Summer and Gina (two of the 3 I have yet to meet, and 2 of the 4 I have yet to get autographs from)! Actually, Gina attending was what pushed me into deciding to go. (By the way, Jewel is very nice and SUPER sweet! Meeting and speaking with her was my favorite part of Starfury last year.)

I'm sure that reports and pictures will abound post-con, but next week I'll try to upload some of the ones I'm planning to take.

It doesn't hurt to ask, show appreciation, beg...well maybe beg.
The California Browncoats will have a table in the dealer room. We'll be raising money for KNTR by selling our Comic-Con exclusive Serenity Better Days #1 comic. We'll have Alan Tudyk and Will Conrad signed editions available in addition to the regular versions. We might also have some of the mugs we made in 2007, of which 100% goes to St. Jude.

The SoCal Browncoats will be organizing those dinners mentioned above. But before getting to that, I wanted to mention something. Lynn and I will be collecting donations for 2 local people injured in the recent Tea Fire in Santa Barbara. Carla and Lance were caught in a flash fire and are in critical condition. Links and information can be found on our site. Carla works for Metro Entertainment, a local store that has supported both CABC and the SoCal Browncoats in our fundraising efforts. Anyone attending please consider donating whatever you can afford for this couple in their time of need.

Now, on to the dinner and party info.

Tomorrow night, Thursday, for anyone in town early or local we are going to have a dinner/gathering at the hotel. Meeting around 7ish in the lobby and dinner around 8. The initial reason for this meetup is a B3 reunion, but anyone is welcome.

Friday night, another dinner is planned. I'm trying to re-confirm everything, but for now it will be in the hotel again, and 8 PM. (Check the SoCal yahoo group for more info and any changes)

Saturday night, there will be a room party from about 7ish until some point late into the night. It is being hosted by the same group who did the Sunday night party at B3. We'll be using that party for more B3 reunions and remembrances. We might also be taking over the lobby again.

Personally, I plan to take plenty of photos. (and for those that know me, it is probably expected) I am also going to try and fit a photo op and signature from Gina in somehow. She is the only one I'm missing since she didn't attend the 1st Flanvention.
B3 reunions and remembrances.

I know bix. At random times I'll think of walking through the lobby around midnight and finding you with the laptop out reading the black. And always with a group around. It was fun seeing what was being said outside our little weekend bubble. And almost crying as we kept finding out how much more was donated by those not in attendance.

Wasn't there also the announcement of the CSTS 2007 logo finalists? It's odd the things we remember. That weekend is a blur now.
Anonymous1, I will definitely try to connect to the tubes of the interweb with my ancient laptop (which runs Windows 98 and has no wifi) to post photos right away, but I never know if I'll succeed. If not this weekend then I'll definitely have pictures up next week!
Austin Browncoats have a booth at this event, and I'm running the QMx booth. You'll see me running around at the panels, as well, making sure things are running smoothly.

I feel so out of the loop, and totally jealous of all of you who are going! This is one of the few things I hate about living in the Midwest! (There's no way I could afford to fly out for something like this, I'm a poor college student.)
Take and post lots of pics for me!
Hope everyone has fun!
I'll be there as well, though probably spending most of my time at the QMx booth. Come say hi!
I'm just going Sunday because my pre-Thanksgiving vacation time is limited at my radio sation. Still, it will be a great chance to see Gina. I also hope to squeeze in a showing of Repo! in Hollywood
urgh! i'm so jealous, i had to refund my ticket because my stupid college Resident Advisor job has me doing some BS RA conference thing....and i live right there!!!!!! i hope you all have fun!! i guess i can always go next year... :\
Once Gina was announced, I had to go - screw the consequences to my health. So I will be there with camera in tow so hopefully I can get a few shots to put up. I also have my IPod touch with wifi, I will see if it will work from the convention.

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