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November 20 2008

"Dollhouse will thrive on Friday nights". TV Addict believes that Dollhouse’s move to Friday may be indeed a good thing and predicts that not only will the show succeed in the slot, but it will also get a second season.

Well, here's hoping they're right. I'm guessing they might just be, after all.
I'm still a bit worried, but I'm glad it's paired with T:TSCC. That show is getting better and better. I hope that's showing up in their ratings.

"TV Addict believes the move may be the best thing to have happened to DOLLHOUSE since star Eliza Dushku’s parents procreated." Maybe it's because I haven't woken up yet, but that line had me laughing my ass off. Really entertaining read.
And I'll have perfect health and marry a super model.
I'm quietly hopeful as well. There does seem to be a faint hope that this may be a bold move that Fox will stand behind and try to make work. I really hope so.
It's critic groupthink! Not another blog addressing this issue.
Y'know, it being groupthink doesn't necessarily make it wrong. And backlashes can be groupthink too.

And I'll have perfect health and marry a super model.

Congratulations, have you set a date ? I need to know so I can buy a new hat.

I'm still a bit worried, but I'm glad it's paired with T:TSCC. That show is getting better and better. I hope that's showing up in their ratings.

Not so much unfortunately (though it's slightly up and not really losing viewers any more, which can't be bad news).

Re: 'Dollhouse' I predict we'll find out whether it thrives at some point in the future, very likely after it starts broadcasting. And I don't say that lightly either, i've really thought about it.
I can't believe actually just wasted like, 5 seconds, googling "weebles".
I can't believe there're people in the world that haven't experienced the wonderful world of weebles. They wobble you know, but they don't fall down. Forget doorways within supporting walls, in an earthquake you should stand in, on or under a weeble. Fact.
Well, someone's parents will be getting a most indignant phone call tomorrow.
Fancy raising a kid in the 70's and forcing them to play with Barbies and Strawberry Shortcakes, and not super-hero-ice-cream-truck-driving weebles? Hmmppf.
Why, it's practically neglect !
I'm not quite as optimistic as TV Addict. I think it's too early to determine Dollhouse's fate, but right now, I'd guess that FOX will air all 13 episodes, but won't renew it for a second second.
Wheee... Wibbly, Wobbly, Weebles!

Also: pie

because this comment wasn't random enough already
Sorry guys, but I'm gonna give Dollhouse a chance before I panic.

I know how it'll go, though. I'm gonna watch it, fall in love with it, and cry when the know-nothing suits replace it with some dumb crap entitled "Reality Spandex: This Time It's Personal."

I've actually developed a theory: in this 'new economy' people are staying home to save money (besides the movies lately are terrible) so Friday is going to be a GREAT night for watching TV with friends and family! Dollhouse is going to own Friday nights! Seriously, it is my plan....
I think it's too early to determine Dollhouse's fate
"I can't believe actually just wasted like, 5 seconds, googling "weebles". "
Heh, me too, never come across that word before.
Congratulations, have you set a date ? I need to know so I can buy a new hat.

But Saje, you have a very fine hat already. Why would you need a new one?
You can't just gate-crash a wedding with any old hat you know, you need something with a bit of snap, a bit of panache ... somewhere to store the snacks you've stolen.
somewhere to hide your weed.
That explains why people cry at weddings - smoke gets in their eyes.
Eliza's pants are iconic.
It's well-written, witty, and not dumb in any obvious way. I don't know if it's right, but it's right pretty. I'm standing down to x-rays. Why not?
It’s more cost-effective to try and turn and morph an existing show into a hit than to start from scratch with a new program.

You know, I've always thought that made sense, but the networks never followed that logic. Here's hoping they come around and realize if they have something really good, it has potential, and should be given time to find an audience.
What's Dollhouse?

(Last night, I dreamt that Eliza Dushku was browsing a bookstore where I was working until its elevator cable snapped and I quit.)
One thing will make Dollhouse a hit, impressive ratings. I think TSCC will actually get better ratings on Fridays than it has been getiing on Mondays. So if TSCC can increase viewers from 5mil to 6mil and then Dollhouse can increase viewers 15-20% out of its lead-in to 7+mil, then FBC will have to admit they have a strong Friday line-up. Certainly much stronger than the 5 mil that FBC gets right now with game shows.
I'm sure that Dollhouse will get a second season - if only so that Fox doesn't lose face in front of the industry.
If Fox screws Joss over a second time, a lot of members of the industry will be watching closely and taking note. Maybe I'm wrong and Fox don't care, but hopefully they do.
Vanessa_A, they really really don't care. Only good ratings will get Dollhouse a 2nd season.
Or if they do care they don't care to the tune of $40+ million (and that's probably under budgeting a season of TV these days). Face is face but business is business.
And I'll have perfect health and marry a super model.
Pumps | November 20, 13:35 CET

Nuh-uh! Me too!

And wow, some of you people have never heard of weebles? That's terrifying.
There's a weeble reference somewhere in Buffy/Angel. Someone's hitting something & says, "It wobbles but it won't fall down." Is it Xander in Dead Man's Party?

ETA: OK. Did my own googling & it was Xander in DMP. It's scary to think how many I had to watch Buffy for me to remember something like that.

[ edited by jcs on 2008-11-20 20:48 ]
I had to Google weebles, too. I feel ashamed now :( Pretty sure I even had some of them growing up.
Well, Numb3rs has become a bona fide top 20 hit and it airs Friday nights, so maybe there's hope. Dollhouse isn't going up against it, is it?

And Weebles are appropriate for a Save Our Show campaign because....?
They are dolls that you can't knock down.
Numbers is on at 10 (DH will be on at 9) and gets 9-10 million viewers every episode. That is why Dollhouse needs to be in the 7-8 million range.
TamaraC, will Fox be OK with smaller overall numbers if the 18-34 is high enough? I'm guessing so since they kept TSCC around based mainly on that demo. I think it's entirely feasible that DH will get decent numbers. But decent may not be enough.
TamaraC: I thought FOx only had a 2-hour primetime?

ETA checked Wikipedia Numbthreers is on CBS opposite local enws on the Fox stations.

[ edited by DaddyCatALSO on 2008-11-20 22:07 ]
'Numb3rs' is on CBS DCA - Terminator and Dollhouse will be on at 8 and 9 pm (sorry, I can't do all that Eastern/Western/Mountain/Pacific/Up-a-bit/Down-a-bit stuff ;).
(smacks head) Duh. Thanks, B!x.
danregal, the 18-34 demo will be extremely important to Fox since that is what they count on and lead all the other networks in. I think TSCC had a couple other things going for it as well (very high 30 sec spot prices, and possible dealings with WB to keep the license fee low and promote feature next spring).
BTW, some of us on Twitter, after we watch Fox programming and notice the lack of Dollhouse ads, are tweeting @FoxBroadcasting to point that out/suggest perhaps it's an idea.
Do the corporate twitters actually read the replies? It's an aspect of Twitter I've always wondered about.
Yes, those weebles in the haunted house commercial are more like the weebles that I had when I was a kid :)

I even remember the tune of the song "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down". Heh, am I dating myself?
I have no idea, Simon. It just feels good to point it out the lack of Dollhouse promotion to them. :)
It depends on the corporate entity in question, Simon. In this particular case, we have no actual idea, although I suspect most of us suspect they do not. But, since we don't know, I guess we figure it doesn't cost us anything to try it, heh.

(Also, unsurprisingly, I think it probably just amuses us at least a little.)
Heh, am I dating myself?

Well, it is cheaper than having a significant other.
That depends where you take yourself and what sort of impression you're trying to create.

ETA checked Wikipedia Numbthreers is on CBS opposite local enws on the Fox stations.




Everybody's got a past, with culture and periods. Want to know what's really embarrassing? Knocking down what you think is a big blow-up version of a weeble, but it's not and it stays down.

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