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November 20 2008

Steve Himber Has Spoken. On James Marsters' official site, his manager talks about the wildfires, their wellbeing, the 'secret event', and a small spoiler for Smallville (via invisitext).

You might want to explain who Steve is, not everyone here knows he is James' manager.
Now they do ;).

I did wonder if that was actually him on 'Smallville' or just a really good impersonator but there you go, 'twas the man himself.
It strikes me as incredibly gracious that our various much beloved stars and character actors maintain sites such as these. It's nice to see what they're up to in their current projects, and more importantly, it makes them seem a little more human rather than the far removed icons they could choose to be.
I was recently watching Northen Exposure (old show) and suddenly there was James on the screen. I definitely had a double and triple take, followed by a rewind and a check to make sure it wasn't just somebody very similar, but those cheekbones don't lie. He was quite young then.

There are many times I wish he was actually British, and by the same token I constantly wish Hugh Laurie was American. ;P
According to IMDB The two episodes of Northern Exposure James did were in 1992 and 1993, He looked about 17 but was actually already in his thirties! I bet there's a portrait in his attic that's beginning to look a little worse for wear :)

I really like the way James keeps in touch with his fanbase , Very classy.
Oh! He's so great in that episode of Northern Exposure. I never imagined I'd see him in a clerical collar, but there you go (and the scene in the kitchen? Hilarious). But yes, he looked so very young that the Dorian Gray reference seems most apt.

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