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November 20 2008

(SPOILER) A clip of Seth Green in 'Heroes'. This episode will air next Monday.

Oh, awesome. Heroes gets some of the best guest stars! And how perfect that Seth Green's character... sells comic books. Heehee.
Dude, this is so... Dude, this is so... Dude, this is so... Dude, this is so...

*** Program 'The Matrix' aborts with a stack overflow. Please purchase more memory. ***
To quote the episode, "Whoa... this is so awesome."
This is why I watch Heroes. When they give us great guests like Seth Green and Breckin Meyer, it is worth the messiness and overly populated third season.
I think that's wildly overstating it. Awesome guest stars don't excuse lazy hack writing.
Oh, god, yes, bIX. Yes. But I'm glad that Seth gets such exposure and I'm glad for Heroes fans.
I'll watch this episode. For Seth. Sadly, I doubt it'll be enough to win me back for longer, though.
Yeah, I stopped watching after season 2, and haven't heard enough positive things about season 3 yet to make me want to watch it...
So--Malcolm McDowell, Kristen Bell, Seth Green.

Why couldn't these guys guest on good shows?
"I think that's wildly overstating it. Awesome guest stars don't excuse lazy hack writing."

Bix, I happily stand corrected. You are right, about hack writing, but not all of it this season has been god awful (although a much of the show is flying off the rails) like the whole Sylar as Daddy scene - it was great and totally unexpected. I am liking Sylar's (excuse me, Gabriel's) new attempt at humanity as he was becoming purely cartoon with only evil in his bag of tricks. And have you heard? Now that Pushing Daisies is cancelled - R.I.P :( - Bryan Fuller is going to Heroes. If anyone can fix the mess (and it's a BIG if), he can.

Let's all have a moment of silence for two terrific shows that ABC just lopped the heads off of - the aforementioned Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone.

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Bryan Fuller is going back to Heroes? Oh sweet hay-zeus - I have new hope for the show. Sweet, delusional hope.
I'm not sure that was ever a guarantee, Fuller returning to Heroes, was it? As far as I can tell from PD stories today, the only thing Fuller is mentioning is getting in touch with DC about making a PD comic, and talking to WB about making a movie.
TartFuel, I'm glad you're liking the Sylar material, but I'm not so much; in season two he was a cartoon of villainy, true, but in season three he's a cartoon "tormented good guy," which is not really any better. His sudden conversion to wanting to do good, and then his ability to control himself, come out of nowhere; yes, season one had moments in which he was conflicted with himself, but I don't believe that it would take the space of a mother's approval for Sylar to see the error of his ways. And part of the problem is that there is too little variety in the Heroes characters too (and in the writers' ability to portray characters), which is why Sylar in both ability an temperament has basically become season one Peter, except with a little more guilt and a lot less personality. (Peter and Sylar has been paralleled since season one, but when there was a good/evil balance it made sense; this season they've just been swapping positions on an episode to episode basis--now he's bad and he's good, and he's free and he's tied up, no wait, now they're reversed.)

Anyway, Bryan Fuller would be a godsend. Hopefully he can do something.
Bix, last week Bryan Fuller told a bunch several people I know at Warner Bros. that he was definitely returning to Heroes if Daisies got the axe. I don't know if he actually can save it, but he is their best chance at getting back on track. He talked about the comic book to us last week at the Daisies Paley Center event, and wants the Daisies writing staff to write it with him. I hope they air the rest of the 13 episodes, though. Bryan said that although the cliffhanger would take it in a new direction, the wrote it with plenty of resolution in case they got the axe.

William, I do see your point and although I agree that the plotting is messy and haphazard, for the first time I am interested in seeing Sylar do more than just look menacing and cut people's heads off. He's like an addict who went on a two season bender, but came to realize (whether in a realistic epiphany or not) that he wants to stop. It is pushing things to have a couple of moments with Angela and all of a sudden he wants to be good, but it is a living comic book we are watching so I think the producers feel justified (and if you want a real-life unrealistic epiphany, the weekend Anne Heche went looney-tunes and went wandering out in the desert looking for her spaceship, she said that she snapped out of her psychosis and has never falled back into it again because her publicist said, "I love you." Hand to God, Anne Heche said that cured her. WTF?).

I would like to explore Sylar further and slow down his progression so there is more time to delve into his psyche. Damaged characters are just plain fun. The show needs to weed out the overblown cast and get back to basics. "The Petrelli Show" is tired and dragging the whole thing down and someone please give Peter his powers back? He is boring as hell without them.
Seth Green: Love 'im. I kind of thought he was joining the cast, though... Oh well! If it's a guest spot, I'm still majorly pleased.

Bryan Fuller: "Pushing Daisies" is good, but the novelty is wearing off for me. It's doesn't even crack at the surface of the quality of his previous work on "Wonderfalls" and "Dead Like Me," the latter of which has the best pilot ever... seriously. I feel like he could save "Heroes" for sure. I mean, he wrote "Company Man." What else needs to be said?
1. Very glad to see Seth and Breckin on Heroes. The clip was hilarious.

2. Can someone point me to a explicit confirmation that Pushing Daisies is cancelled? Cause I'm trying not to freak the hell out until I've read it from an official source.

ETA: Never mind, found it. Going to go weep now. :(

[ edited by deepgirl187 on 2008-11-21 14:40 ]
Deepgirl187, it hasn't been officially cancelled yet. It just looks very much like it will be.
Ahhh man, never mind. I just saw the news too.
*observes a moment of silence for Pushing Daisies*

Back to the topic, I've been sticking with Hereos this season, but frankly, I don't have a clue what the f*** is going on. I'm sure that it would make a lot more sense if I were willing to spend hours on the website studying episode and character summaries and watching all the extra goodies, but I don't feel like I should have to work that hard for my entertainment.

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