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"I wanted to do a show about people who are not 'super,' just working-class people, the people history steps on. (Joss on Firefly)"
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November 20 2008

JOpinionated likes The Write Environment's Joss interview. She reviews her preview copy and gives us just a taste - kinda like an appetizer or hors d'oeuvres: "TV shows are a question, and movies are an answer."

There's also a link to JOpinionated's earlier review of the WE Damon Lindelof interview.

"TV shows are a question, and movies are an answer."

Hasn't he said this before? I can't remember where.
He has definitely said that before. I can't remember where either.
Here, here and here (I think the last two came from a roundtable event).
He said it here, but opened it with "I've said before", so it's a running theme.

ETA that Simon is too fast for me.

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Edit: nevermind.

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I got mine yesterday. It's a very wonderful and satisfying interview. And he mentions Whedonesque. In a good way.
I finally just ordered a copy today. Looking forward to it.
Joss has also said: "...the TV show is built around slow development of character; movies are built around momentum."

And I think - mebbe Tim - said something like TV was more feminine; you could take the time to have the conversation, while movies felt more masculine; you just hadda get the job done.

Or I'm sorta making that last one up - I don't have all my quotes with me.

Anyhoo, jealous of jcs, but know mine'll come any minute... *taps foot impatiently.*
Mine's shipped but unarrived. Hopefully that's not actually shipped cos that could take a while. Still, the postage was fairly cheap, i'm not complaining.
Does Jeffrey_United have a preference whether we buy this from his web site vs. Amazon?
I dunno, Pointy, though I'd guess direct from his site - but he's on twitter @writenvironment and he's very responsive. Or mebbe he'll read your question here...
The website is my preference and usually gets faster attention.
Ooooh - my Xmas present to myself!
Mine arrived today--I am super excited to watch this. Now, to hold off until the weekend and study for a math test, or watch tonight...

Just kidding. I wouldn't possibly consider the former.

ETA: QG, there has been one close-up of his bookshelf so far. Possibly more to come--I'm not far in.

ETA2: There's also an excellent shot of Joss's white board when Joss was in the planning stages of Dr. Horrible--including a song where So They Say would be called "Until the World Is Mine." And now I would like to know if that's a totally different song, or just an early draft of So They Say.

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I watched my copy of the WE Joss interview today, and I thought it was great. Great questions, nifty quotes, and a sweep-shoot of one of Joss' Shakespeare bookshelves. Just a few of the books included are:

Berryman's Shakespeare
William Shakespeare: The Man Behind the Genius
Anthony Burgess' Shakespeare
Filming Shakespeare's Plays
The Woman's Part: Feminist Criticism of Shakespeare

(I'll let you'all discover the rest of the titles yourselves...)

Other noteworthy features:
Best geek-lines: "Anything I touched became geeky." And "be the geek you are, not the geek you think somebody wants you to be."
We find out who are the "Legion of Loathsome Swine." ; >
The legacy he would like to have left - say in fifty years, when folks talk about him (and they will ; >): "I would like that some people found strength in what I did. That some of the stereotypes and gender roles that were taken for granted were no longer... and that my children liked me."

Allrighty, that's it on the spoilage - there's lots more, but folks should be able to enjoy this on their own without hearing more of the content, so I'll shut up now.

It was a deeper-than-usual interview, and especially good to hear now during all the Dollhouse panic non-panic kerfuffle - made me hope even more that we get to see the show as Joss and Co. want it made.

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