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November 21 2008

Buffy the Complete Series for $69.99! Amazon's Gold Box deal of the day prices the chosen collection at a pretty good price-- just in time for the holidays!

One day I will buy this. Though I'm holding out for a big old Buffy/Angel boxset. Somebody at 20th Century Fox must be thinking along the same lines.
Ugh. I would have to be broke this winter. :( *doesn't mention owning all 7 big-box season sets, each of which cost as much or nearly as much as this*
Damn good price. I already have the seasons in both slim set and chunky (?) set, so I won't indulge. But if any of my friends would like this as a gift, I'd make haste to buy it. Unfortunately, I seem to be the only Buffy fan on Long Island.
I would love a Buffy/Angel boxset, think something like that will ever be released?
Someone will get an awesome present from me this year. I haven't decided who yet, but someone will.
Ooh, very tempting... (watching it through for the second time and getting very annoyed with scratched disks)

ETA: Fine. I give in. It's ordered :D

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I would love a Buffy/Angel boxset, think something like that will ever be released?

Maybe, but then they'd have to release a Buffy/Spike box-set just to keep everyone happy.
You know, this is the third time I've bought this set from Amazon, in the past year. I actually received it as a Christmas gift, when it was first released. All of the times that I've bought have been as gifts for my recently converted friends. Two birthdays and a Christmas.

I actually already bought the first three slimsets as birthday gifts for the person who will be receiving this set for Christmas. But at this price, it would cost just as much to finish off the series in slimsets, if not more.
I was just saying that I hoped Amazon did this set in the future again because my DVD's I've had forever recently were returned to me scratched to high hell. Which in itself made me very very angry.

Who borrows DVD's only to return them unplayable? Seriously. They could have at least offered to pay for them.

Sadly I'll have to hope for it to go on sale again when I'm not wondering how the bills are going to get paid this month. $70 isn't bad at all seeing as how I spent that on maybe one and a half of the normal box sets years ago.
Im all for "Yayz low low prices", but something about being able to buy Buffy for 70 bucks kinda sucks. Its too good to be available for so cheap. Although I know the economics of this dvd pricing doesnt suddenly take money from Joss, the actors and staff... but somehow it still feels wrong.

Should be like 5 or 6 hundred dollers. Thats what I paid for it anyway - and I was happy to spend 70-80 dollers on each one of my half-season box sets. And im far from loaded with cash...
Oh before I forget, there are placeholder listings for Buffy blu-ray and Angel blu-ray on I think they've been there since July.
This DVD pricing isn't really wrong, Beren77. It's a way for Amazon to sell more units - more cash all around for everyone if more units are sold. I personally wouldn't even imagine putting down $200 for a box set, and even $70 is pretty steep for some people. If it makes it better to sell the set at a much lower price for one day.

The sets wouldn't sell at all if they weren't marked down in some way. I waited years before getting mine, and it was only because of the deal of the day. And because it was Christmas. And even then, I debated even putting it on my Christmas list.

Also, I bet the markup on this is huge. All the DVDs inside are the same ones in the original box sets, the only "new" thing is the additional special features disc and all the packaging material.

Where in the world did you buy the set for $500? At its highest price it was more like $230, where did you buy it for $500 to $600?

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I don't know if I see the point in Buffy blu-ray. Angel was shown in HD for a couple of seasons and aside from its first, was wide screen, so I get that. Buffy was non-HD 4:3 from start to finish (aside from Once More With Feeling, kinda). It'll probably be a little bit sharper at best, I suppose?
Buffy was shot on film and so could be transferred to HD widescreen (though Joss' intended and preferred viewing experience is full-screen since that's how the shots were framed so it's pretty doubtful). If they ever produced a Buffy Blu-ray set maybe they'd put both aspect ratios on there in HD (or HD-ish for the 4:3 version) ?

Where in the world did you buy the set for $500? At its highest price it was more like $230, where did you buy it for $500 to $600?

The OP mentions buying half-season sets for $70 (presumably before a box-set was available) not the single box-set of seasons 1-7. Still, 13 "half-season" sets at $70 would total $910 so someone's maths is still a bit off ;). And wishing the sets were priced $500-600 doesn't make much sense to me either, surely the more new (potential) fans that see it the better and who in their right mind is going to take a $600 chance on a show they haven't seen ?
I think Beren77 was referring to Australian dollars not US.
OK, who in their right mind is going to take a $400 chance on a show they haven't seen ?

yay! I finally got the box set. My friend got it for 100 dollars :P Wait till I tell her. Yes, evil dulce_serenidad is evil. lol
Wow. I was wondering if I should, but I was able to take advantage of the Gold Box deal for Angel so how can I say no?
they always do this when i'm super super broke.
... so how can I say no?

You just put your lips together and blow ... no, wait, that's whistling. Sorry, I got nothing.
Unbelievable price. Too bad I already have this box set--I got it for $129 in 2005.
I ordered it and unfortunately something went wrong with my credit card. I have 3 days to fix or they'll cancel my order. Does anyone know if Amazon considers saturday a "working" day? Here in Brazil saturday and sunday don't count, so I'd have until tuesday to try and fix this problem.
Hope I'm making sense. Sorry.
rafaboreanaz, I don't think Amazon considers Saturday a working day, but from my dealings with their customer service, they are really, really great at solving problems and working with you. I ordered the Alias boxset and opened it and everything and started watching when it started to hiccup. Every disc was scratched and would freeze mid-episode. I talked to Amazon's customer reps and they gave me the option of returning it and getting a new one back to me immediately, but I started reading on the internet and it turned out that a lot of people had the same problem, so I just took the refund. I mean, it was opened and watched and everything and they took my word that it was scratched and unwatchable.

FYI, last year, the Angel became an Amazon Deal of the Day pretty soon after the Buffy set, so maybe they will repeat it this year. Get your credit cards ready!

[ edited by YellowBear on 2008-11-21 17:15 ]
YellowBear: Thanks! I called the bank and everything should be ok by monday, even if Amazon considers saturday as working day. And yes they do have a great costumer service. Last year I purchased a DVD and a CD and it got lost because of the holidays madness, and they shipped everything again free of charge. I could be lying and they wouldn't even know. Of course I'd never do that. :)
I'm afraid I can only afford the Buffy Collection at the moment. But the Angel one is next on my wishlist. Good thing its regular price of $100 dollars is not as salty as $187 of Buffy.
Thank you so much for posting this. Perfect Christmas gift for my mom.
ugh I want this so bad but I have all the seasons in the original fat sets already.
No problem, rafaboreanaz.

The Angel set last year was, if I remember correctly, around $60. Sure the discount isn't as steep as the Buffy set, but it was newer back then so I don't think they could discount it as much.

If you think about it, the fat sets, even at $30 each would be $210. That's even more than the box set at regular price. I had three seasons of the fat set and sold them for $12 each. It was only justified to get the big set because it meant I didn't have to spend time and energy scrounging the internet for good deals on the rest of the sets.
The Angel set last year was $60, because I bought it. I bought this one as well. I'm so stoked to actually own all of Buffy-- I saw all of the episodes, but only because my roommate had them 2 years ago. So I can finally watch them again! I've been waiting for a good deal like this to come out of Amazon.
Awesome. I had started to buy the chunky sets several years ago, but my brother went postal on me one day when I wasn't at home and totally carved all my Season 2 & 3 discs. So I stopped buying them because I was afraid that rage would destroy them again. D:

So yay! I have purchased these and I am all super happy! :D
Maybe, but then they'd have to release a Buffy/Spike box-set just to keep everyone happy.

They would also have to release a limited number of Buffy/Xander, Buffy/Willow, Buffy/Tara, Buffy/Giles, Buffy/Riley and Buffy/Faith box sets as well. I also hear there is a demand for Buffy/Mike Tyson box sets. Who would ship those two I have no clue. ;)
Ah, Byson, the ship that dared not speak its name. Cos of the weirdness.

Now if only we Blem shippers could be accepted for our wrinkle-lovin' selves ...
I know. It's odd because Blem has an ever-expanding and increasingly vocal group. I think it's the fourth most popular ship for Buffy. :D

At least, Blem is more respected than Buffy and that guy from Risky Business. You know, the crazy one.

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Oh, man, I just bought this boxset on deepdiscount for 90 bucks. *bang head on the desk* Amazon can be so finicky sometimes.
KingSnakeX4, you can probably return the deepdiscount one, right? I mean, $70 vs. $90...$20 is a good chunk of change in the pocket.
Well, I dunno about return it because I fear that the copies on Amazon may sell out fast like the last time they had it for 90 bucks so I may not get the chance. Regardless of the cost, I'm sure I'll enjoy the show no matter what. Thanks for comment, yellowbear.
Wait a minute...Buffy and Clem have a ship thing? I gotta read up on my fan-fic.

I purchased the set today. I loaned my chunky set to a friend months ago and haven't seen it since. Ten dollars a set is too good to pass up. Thanks for the post!
This is why I need to read Whedonesque in a timely fashion. I just bought one of these, to replace the box that I lent to my sister. If she does return the old one, then I can lend it out to others.
I tried to stop myself. My finger was poised above the little ticky box FOREVER. Then a butterfuly in China waved it's wings and my finger fell. Now I will have the boxed set. How can I not - for TEN dollars a year?
Plus - my other set is usually in circulation somewhere. Now I am just trying to convince myself that this was money well spent.
This is worth every cent, ruthless. :)
When I bought each season when they first came out, they were SEVENTY DOLLARS EACH.
Then this summer, I replace a couple of seasons with the really cheap slim packs.
That's just messed up, carpe. Sorry to hear that. :(
I bought one too -- another one, that is, and I'm sure I'll have occasion to give it away to somebody, sometime. Grandchildren?

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