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November 21 2008

AOL Television's Fall TV Scorecard. Check out how your favorite Whedonesque Alum's Shows are doing. Hint: Bones, HIMYM, Chuck, and T:SCC all fare quite well.

How the hell do you give this season of Pushing Daisies a C-!? And how depressing is the news of it's cancellation? Is there no justice in TV land?

Congrats to all the Whedonverse actors whose shows are awesome. Chuck, in particular, has been fantastic this season.
I was just gonna say how sad it was that Pushing Daisies got canceled. What's also sad is that Bryan Fuller is now probably gonna go back to heroes, which I don't like. I want him to do a new show.
Aww, 'Pushing Daisies' and 'Eli Stone' ? Not surprising but still a bit of a blow.
ABC apparently told Bryan Fuller they did everything they could...BULLS**T. You put it first on a night with two other essentially brand new shows so there was no established show supporting anything that night, and you didn't advertise.

And you didn't get the stars out there beating the drums on daytime talk shows at the very least. I'm fine with shows being canceled if the network gives it a fair shake and tries to help it, but ABC didn't do jack. I mean, they put it on during "Obama Night," it gets a million more viewers, then they take it off for two weeks? That's just...I hate network execs.

Okay, I'm done.
Sniff...sniff... I need a pie.
Maybe it's because I'm completely obsessed with How I Met Your Mother at the moment, but I thought it deserved more than a B!
My condolences to Pushing Daisies fans. It didn't really grab me. I loved, loved, loved Wonderfalls, and I was quite fond of Dead Like Me too. My problem with Bryan Fuller's shows is that seem destined for short lives because the central idea doesn't really give the show anywhere to go. I mean Dead Like Me was fun, but the lead character and most of the supporting characters are all dead -- there's nowhere for them to go. I wasn't really surprised when it was cancelled, I was beginning to get bored and I liked it. I basically think of Wonderfalls as a mini-series. I thought it ended perfectly, and I'm not that upset that there isn't more of it. If it had continued I think it would ultimately have suffered from the same problems. I haven't really seen many episodes of Pushing Daisies, but doesn't it basically suffer from the same structural problems? In which case the network might have been right to say, "Well, this has been great for two seasons, but we think it's done now."
But that's not why they said it. They didn't even give viewers a chance to say they were done, because they never tried to attract any to the show.

I liked Dead Like Me and loved Wonderfalls. But where Pushing Daisies was different, is that it wasn't as cynical or sarcastic. It was a feel good show (which is odd w/all the deadness), charming as hell, and just gave me the warm fuzzies.

And this season, it was really starting to get into the characters' different sides, and digging in emotionally.

It was a pleasant way to unwind, and it made me smile, and I'll miss it.

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I feel bad about Pushing Daisies. I feel especially bad, since I hadn't actually been watching it this season. I was completely devoted for season one and caught the first episode of season two, but with college and other shows competing for my attention, it just fell to the side. :(

One of those competing shows, however, was Chuck. And I absolutely think it deserved more than a B. (And, quite frankly, just having seen the first episode of the season and knowing the general quality of the series, I'd say Pushing Daisies deserves more than it got, too.)

Oh well, this is just one person's opinion.
Damn . . . hadn't heard about the cancellations until this thread. I ♥ Pushing Daisies; been with it since day one, and it never disappoints. And I've just gotten hooked on Eli Stone, too--didn't even know it existed last season, but then saw a mention on .org and thought I should check it out.

I'll miss them both. A lot.
Re: Pushing Daisies - Balls. I love this show. Why do all the shows with fun and quirky writing have to go?

I do totally agree with them on The Mentalist. I watched the first season of Psych, which has a similar concept, but it really didn't live up to the potential (too much broad comedy), and I think The Mentalist really managed to capture the tone I think suits the concept...but you have a supporting cast. Use it.

Bones continues to be the most consistently entertaining 'procedural' on the air.

The Office has been solid this season, but I'm getting bored of the Jim/Pam stuff. It's lucky there's other great stuff going on at the same time.

How I Met Your Mother is still going pretty strong, but it is missing some of the charm from the earlier seasons. Plus, Jason Segel needs to cut his hair.
Nolan, I saw him the other day and his hair is now short and adorable. He looks all hunky now. :)
How did House only manage a C?

Can't judge the others, since the latest season of most haven't made it to Australia yet, and I haven't been watching those that have, (I have a huge backlog of recorded Heroes episodes now...) but IMO at the moment House is one of the best shows on TV.
TamaraC, that is some of the best news I have heard today...which is sort of a sad statement on what my day consists of.
But where Pushing Daisies was different, is that it wasn't as cynical or sarcastic. It was a feel good show...

I'd argue that Wonderfalls was also.
To a certain degree I suppose. Or a different kind of degree. It certainly was an upbeat ending to the series.
Glad I could help, Nolan. I was checking him out while trying desperately to act like I wasn't checking him out. I've heard all the complaints about his hair and I was trying to get a real good look at it. It's blonder now too. /shallow/
I clicked three times, saw that Gossip Girl got an A- and House got a C, and decided that I was all clicked out.
Very sad about Pushing Daisies and I only hope they can givng the show a decent ending with some conclusion.
Pushing Daisies is ending on a cliff-hanger and it's already been filmed.

There may be a comic book conclusion.
"I clicked three times, saw that Gossip Girl got an A- and House got a C, and decided that I was all clicked out. "

I had the same feeling. My issue isn't with the rating of GG though. For a teen Drama it deserves an A-. Unfortunately, we can't take any of these ratings seriously when Privileged and Lipstick Jungle get better ratings than House. Just ridiculous. House is the best show on TV, and has been for the past 3 or so years.

The Mentalist is by far my favourite New Series. I agree with Nolan on using the supporting cast. However, with a lead like's not a necessity. I especially like how they've introduced a season arc (red jon) then literally left it alone for like 5 episodes. I think this series has a lot of potential.

HIMYM is one of the better shows on the air. Anyone who tunes in for a moment and catches NPH delivering a line will be hooked. great characters, great story idea, incredible acting, and hilarious writing - it's a perfect sitcom.

I'm sad to hear about Pushing Daisies as well. I watched all of season one, but like others it lost my interest to other TV series. Wednesdays was a catch up night for me.

I'm really hoping Eli Stone gets better ratings and gets it's deserved 3rd season. Eli Stone + The Mentalist makes Tuesday nights one of my favourite. Everyone who isn't watching Eli Stone, start watching it. You won't be disappointed.

FOX is going to dominate the new year schedule. Fringe, House, 24, Prison Break, American Idol, Bones, Dollhouse, T:TSCC every network needs to just take a seat to that.

Edit: for fix.

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Erp. Sorry, EX. Eli Stone got hit with the same chopping block as Pushing Daisies.
EX, Chuck and Heroes are on NBC not Fox.
My Emotions were running high i guess lol. I'm completely aware that they are on NBC and I left out Fringe as well. Does anyone know what's going on with Prison Break as well? I've never watched an ep but it seems to be a hit, i read the mid-season line-up and couldn't find it anywhere. What's the deal?

Cabri - I don't think Eli Stone has been completely cancelled. The season will finish, and I've heard that if the ratings don't improve it's a goner. If they do, it'll get renewed. So here's hoping.

Edit: Forgot the greatest FOX show to...House. That's a disgustingly good lineup.

[ edited by EX on 2008-11-22 04:25 ]
Prison Break hasn't been scheduled past the new year and there have been rumors that it is canceled and may not come back at all. PB has basically been getting the same ratings as TSCC (less once you count in DVR 7 days) and is much much more expensive.

EX, ABC may show the rest of the already filmed episodes of Eli Stone, but then that is it. It is effectively canceled and production is shut down.

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