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November 21 2008

Young Simon Tam is the father of Dawn? Not quite...

Oh my. Does Michelle always speak so exclusively in exclamations? ;)
I smell a soon to be deleted thread. Too thin a connection for the front page?
I wouldn't exactly call an interview with Michelle Trachtenberg too thin a connection...
What? I think Joss would have a fun time piecing that story together. In other words, not!
"I eat so much, and I love it," Trachtenberg told Us. "I think curves on a woman are sexy!"

Atta girl!

As long as she keeps it healthy.

I love that she wants to be back on TV; maybe, if her character doesn't return to GG, someone else might give her a recurring role. Like...hey, isn't that Joss fellow working on something?
I smell a soon to be deleted thread. Too thin a connection for the front page?

Ummm no.

Also she's made Whedonverse history too. Give me a sec.

Ah here it is.

She's starred with Old Simon too.

And snogged him.

[ edited by Simon on 2008-11-21 22:36 ]
The fanfic possibilities are endless... complete with the time machines.
Isn't it great? I eat up things like this. A Jossverse actress who has starred in non Joss productions with two actors who have played the same Jossverse character.
I so want to see that movie when it comes out. I saw the trailer the other day, and just... I want to see it. lol. :D

And I had no idea that he had played young Simon until like a short while ago. XD
Whenever HSM3 stuff comes up I go OOOOOh little Simon!
If only Troy had a little sister, I could think of HSM as fanfic!
When I saw that movie with her and Sean The Bod, I got the creepies. There's no reason I should have, technically; they were never even on the same show. Yet somehow the fact that he played an big brother in one Joss show and she played a little sister in another Joss show made their making out icky, through some crossed wires in my brain. It was just odd... (They both did a fine job in the movie, though I thought the story kind of fell apart toward the end.)
You would have felt even more icky if they had adapted those scenes more faithful to the book .
I keep forgetting that ole Zac played Simon the Younger, so a crunchy kudo to you for the reminder!

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