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November 22 2008

Jane Espenson blogs about writing comics. She says Georges Jeanty "is a genuine genius -- fantastic".

Gosh, got to love Jane!
You know 'Hatter, I think you actually do. It's like a law of nature or something ;).

Nice insight into the process though I must admit, i'm a big fan of the "turn-page" moment and find it really distracting when there's something big happening on the facing page and you have to consciously not look at it to remain unspoiled until you've read up to it, but I can understand not wanting to contort the story unnaturally to fit the convention too - i'll just have to read Jane's issue with my right eye closed ;).
Jane herself is fantastic and was one of my favorite writers on Buffy, and I know this kind of flattery is common in Hollywood, but the term "genius" is being thrown around too much these days. Everyone's either a genius or a hero or on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Why can't somebody just be a DUDE (or dudette) who just does their job and doesn't cause trouble?

That's Georges to me; he's a competent artist who gets his stuff mostly right and does it in a timely manner. I view him in roughly the same category as I do the artists from the After the Fall series in that they do a pretty good job in their respective comics, but are nothing spectacular and probably aren't even on the same level as other artists Joss has worked with before (say Cassaday for example).

This post has come across (like most of mine) as too negative when I really didn't mean it as that bad. It's not like I'm going to stop reading After the Fall or Buffy Season 8, because I love the way both are going. I even love Jane as a writer... I just prefer to see credit given where it's due.
Jane is a terrific writer and a generous blogger -- lots of good advice and a welcoming attitude. And Georges as "genius," yes, that too. Considering all the hard-working creative artists in every genre, there's plenty of room for genius at the top.
Jane writes beautifully and naturally and I agree with doghouse that she comes across as generous.
Dang, she got me to subscribe.

Another reason I s tick to narrative prose,s traight poetry,a nd lyrics; structuring dialogue, visuals etc. in that way is beyond my flexibility. (which doesn't mean i've abandoned mys creenplay idea.)

Gosh, quite humorous lass. (Early-ish for flu tho, isn't it?)

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Course, she doesn't mention if that's African or European toffee, it makes a big difference to the flight characteristics.
Hello! Who first mentioned toffee?
She is such an amazing lady. I don't read too many blogs, but I make sure to check her's a couple of times a day. Her advice has help me on more than one occasion. Viva la Espenson!
Gaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, I still can't find a mention of them. And the cafeteria at work doesn't carry toffee-nut syrup anymore, so I can't get it in my iced tea, so I have to look on line. Oh, the agony.
You get to figure out how (and where and when) to suggest the sound of a body hitting the ground or a bullet being fired, or a blob of taffy flying through the air. (Answer key: k'thumph, blamm and fweeee!)

(my emphasis)

Strictly speaking that's not toffee but we don't really have taffy over here so I think of it as soft toffee.
Saje; heck in this part of the world they're 2 different things. We Yanks love categorizing stuff. Thanks.

Splaksh! Kabarakaroom!

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It speaks Klingon?
I've really enjoyed Georges Jeanty's work on the Buffy comic, and in general prefer his variant pen and ink covers to Joyce Chin's acrylics (although I have to admit that she's hit it out of the park on at least five occasions). My bias may be due in part because my first exposure to comics was in the 60s when painted covers weren't the norm.

I'd like to add that Jeanty's not just a talented artist, but a decent down to earth guy with a very good sense of humor as well.

Here's hoping the comics maintain their quality and continue on for many years to come.
For my money, Georges is the best Buffyverse artist to date. Though Ryan Sook would come a very close second (mainly cause wowed me with his Giles' scenes in Ring Of Fire).
My money's still on Ryan Sook, Simon. But Georges rocks.

(Er...are we counting Tales of the Slayers? 'Cuz Tim Sale worked on that. And Tim Sale is, y'know...friggin' Tim Sale.)
This was my first front page post. So glad to see that I did it right.

Also, I love Jane.
Saje; heck in this part of the world they're 2 different things. We Yanks love categorizing stuff. Thanks.

Yeah here too, hence "Strictly speaking that's not toffee ...".
Heh, fweeee. I agree and do hereby swear that I 'gotta <3 the Espenson'. That sounds like it'd be a cool t-shirt...

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